Loving all about her(1D)

17 year old Hallie Jones does what any normal teenage girl does. Shops, hangs out with her friends, does weird things and just live life. There´s just one problem. SHE is not like any teenage girl. Since birth Hallie was diagnosed deaf, and she hears nothing. The doctors says she should be lucky she is able to talk, and trust me she is. But there is just that feeling inside you when you see everyone having fun, watching tv, whispering, and you can´t be apart of it. She grew up all her life knowing everything was gonna be twice as hard for her, cause she was different. Different then the others. Lately all her friends had this new obbsesion, One Direction. They would always listen to they´re songs and talk about them, and as usual Hallie coulden´t be apart of that, but what happens when her friends bring Hallie along to One Direction signing? Find out about Hallies story, when her life suddenly takes a turn, after meeting the famous singer Louis Tomlison, and the rest of the boys.


1. The start of everything


I woke up feeling as tired as i did the day before. It was yet another day, and i almost couldn´t open my eyes. I layed on my bed for a while, trying to think positively about getting up, and going to school, but how could i? It was a school day, i mean. Who like school days? Atleast it was Friday, and now i was just looking forward to the weekend.

I opened my eyes slowly slightly wincing, as i felt the light hit my eyes. I needed to get up now, it was probably already getting late. My hands instantly got to the back of my pillow and searched for my phone. I small smile placed on my lips as i felt it in my hands. I brought it up to my face, and looked at the time. DAMN. It was already 7am.

I swung my legs to one side of the bed, and dangled them back and forward, while i looked at the messages i recived. I scrolled down ignoring most of them, since it really didn´t matter. I stopped scrolling when i saw Olivias name on the screen. Olivia had been my best friend since middle school, and she accepted me for who i was. Ofcourse i had a couple of other friends, but Olivia was my best one.

`Get your lazy butt of your bed, and get ready. Im picking you up in 20 min..´

´Okay MOM´ I replied cheekily, and got off from my bed. My warm and comfortable bed. I looked back at my bed with a lovingly look and blew it a kiss. "I´ll be back" i whispered and walked to the bathroom, which belonged to my room, so in this case its just my bathroom.

I walked up to my heart shaped mirror and blinked a couple of times, so i could se myself clearer in the mirror. My eyes quickly roamed down my face, and stopped at my eyes. My makeup was completely smudged out, and i looked like a zombie...Liturally

I started with removing my makeup, and washing my face.I poked my cheek feeling the soft skin, and then i took my toothbrush, and started brushing my teeth til they were sore. JK..That would be weird.

I let my hair out of the thing i called a bun yesterday, but now it looked like...I dont even think there´s a word for it. I shoke my head and started brushing throuh my long brownish hair. I really liked my hair. It just had the perfect lenght, and it curled at the perfect places.

Satesfied i walked out of the bathroom and walked back in to my room, closing the bathroom door. I took a piece of gum from my drawer, and started looking for some clothes. I instantly nodded when i saw my favorite shirt in the corner. It was a long sleeved shirt with leopard printed lips in the middle, and the shirts actual colour was baby pinkinsh. To complete the look i took some black tight shorts that showed of my thighs.(Link in the comments)

After putting the clothes on i walked to the back of my room, and took my bag. I put it over my shoulder and held it with one hand, meanwhile i held my phone in the other hand. I walked out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen. Olivia would be here in a second, so i should proably find something to eat quickly. 

My mom would usually be working at this time, so i didn´t even bother go looking for her. Instead i opened the fridge and looked inside it. I felt my heart skip a beat, as i felt a hand place on my shoulder. I screamed and turned around, causing me to drop all of my thing, including my phone. And it wasen´t any phone. It was an Iphone, which ment it probably was dead now. 

I looked up quickly and saw my mom standing there with a big smile on her face. She probably thought this was funny. Well i could tell her right now that it wasen´t. "Its not funny" i mumbled after seing her stare at me for a while. By looking at her it seemed like she was laughing at what i said. Her mouth was moving in a specific way which ment my theory was right. I pouted and turned around picking my phone up.

"Please be fine, please, please, please" I mumbled and opened one of my eyes looking at it. I sighed when i saw the screen was almost detroyed. "You ruined my phone" I said annoyed and turned around facing my mom. I saw her lips moving and i payed attention trying to read her lips. "Im sorry hunny. I will buy you a knew one" I rolled my eyes and she placed her hands on both side of my shoulders kissing my forehead.

"Bye" i said getting away from her grip, and walked out of my front door. Did i mention to tell you im deaf? I don´t think as much about it now cause im used to it, but sometimes it can be kind of hard. My friends have learned that, that is who i am, and they accept me. Ofcourse they help me by talking slower so i can read they´re lips.

I walked down my driveway, seing Olivias car parked "Hey Olivia" I said smiling and got into the passengers seat buckeling up. By hear mouths quick movement, i understood she said hi, and by her smile i knew it was right.

I gave her a quick hug, and soon we were off to school. Olivia was used to always looking over at me when she talked while driving, or else i woulden´t see her lips.

On the way there she talked about school, but ofcourse it ended with her talking about One Direction. I usually just sat there and nodded, cause i had no idea how they sounded. She always talked about how they´re voices were like angels, and that made me want to hear them even more. But by they´re looks, i could say they were pretty hot. What am i saying. THEY WERE SMOKING HOT.

I snapped out of my thoughts when i felt Olivias hand on my face. "Okay, Okay. Im coming" I laughed and got out of her car. She joined me by my side, and side by side we walked in to the school. I looked around seing most of the boys starring. Ofcourse it was Olivia they were looking at. She was beautiful. She always had been.

I quickly shook of the thoughts in my head, and went straight to my locker. I got a couple of books out to my first class, and as i turned around, someone  attacked me. I laughed as i fell to the ground, and looked up at the familiar faces. Aubrey,Lexi,Olivia and Tara. They were all leaned over me and i wont lie. I felt weak. They laughed and huggged me one last time, before they helped me up. 

"Good Morning?" Lexi asked me, and as usual no sound came out of her mouth. I just nodded and let the girls have they´re conversations. I was about to say something, but then realised all four of them were talking, and whispering and i quickly gave up.

I walked to my class, which was in the other side of the school compared to my friends. Ofcourse i was in a speciel class, cause i woulden´t be able to learn the same things if i was in a normal class. I always wanted to try though. I had always seen it in the movies, and it looked like alot of fun. Passing notes, whispering, sending messages, ignoring the teacher. But yet. I would just be better if i didn´t think about it.

I walked in to the speciel class, seing a couple of students sitting there. Some of us had the same problems, but other had different problems. I took a seat by Chris, which was deaf like me. He understood what i went through, and he would help me if i needed the help. The difference with him was that he coulden´t talk either. I felt really sorry for him, but there wasen´t anything i could do. Luckily we both knew sign language, so we could communicate.

The class started, and my teacher Mrs. Braun took my to another room. Because i coulden´t hear, i would get speciel lessons, with a program made on a computer, so i could read it, and answer questions.



Olivias POV

I sighed when the bell rang signifying i could go home. I ended my conversation with Ethan  and hugged, before i gathered my books. Ethan was a close friend. I dont really know, if there was something between us, but lets just say we weren´t JUST FRIENDS.

I walked out on the hall seing Hallie fumbeling with the lock on her locker. I raised one of my eyebrows suspiciously, and looked around. I nodded when i saw Josh standing by his locker with the rest of his friends(jerks) They were cheking out some of the girls walking by, which made me roll my eyes. They were so disrespectful. I don´t know why Hallie even liked Josh. She could get so much better guys. She was so beautiful, but i dont think she knew herself. Maybe she coulden´t hear, but she had the best personality. Some day she would meet a guy that would love her, not by her looks, but everything about her.

I looked back over at Hallie, and walked in her direction. "You are starring at him again" I said to her when i knew she was looking at me. She read my lips quickly and shoke her head. I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Hallie. You can find so much better than him. He and his friends, are just jerks" I mumbled to her, and it took a couple of seconds before she got it all. I saw on her face she got offended, and she shut her locker walking out of the school.

I quickly catched up with her and stopped her. "Look. Im sorry. I´ll make it up to you. Im gonna talk to him." I said smiling encouraging. She raised her eyebrow, and i reapeated myself. It didn´t take a lot of time, before she hugged me tightly. "Thanks"


Hallies POV

I gave Olivia a tight hug and waved goodbye, and then saw her drive out of my driveway again. School was finally over. That was what i had been waiting for. I skipped up to my house, and i opened the front door walking inside. I looked around for my mom, but it seemed like the house was empty. Instead I walked over to the freezer, and got my Ben and Jerrys icecream out, found my comfortable blankets, and jumped on to the couch. I thought about a couple of movies i would wanna watch, and i finally decided to watch The Hunger Games. I seriously loved that movie, and i couldn´t wait for the second one to come out. 

I put the movie on, and changed to english subtitels. I felt myself lean back, and soon enough my head was resting on the back of the couch, while my eyes were reading the subtitels. My hands were to busy with filing the icecream on the spoon, and putting it in my mouth.


I felt myself getting tired after a couple of movies, and all i wanted to do now was sleep. I stretched my arm and took my phone that i felt vibrating on the couch. 

It was from Olivia.

´Heeey Gurl! You know that One Direction are gonna do signings on Sunday here in the mall right?´

´How could i not know? That´s all you talk about´

´Anyway...We are going and you are coming too:)´


´Please Hallie! For me´

I sighed and stared at her text. What would happen if i did go. I woulden´t be a part of them anyway, but just to make Olivia happy. 

´Okay Fine!´

´Great! I´ll pick you up at 2pm´




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