Loving all about her(1D)

17 year old Hallie Jones does what any normal teenage girl does. Shops, hangs out with her friends, does weird things and just live life. There´s just one problem. SHE is not like any teenage girl. Since birth Hallie was diagnosed deaf, and she hears nothing. The doctors says she should be lucky she is able to talk, and trust me she is. But there is just that feeling inside you when you see everyone having fun, watching tv, whispering, and you can´t be apart of it. She grew up all her life knowing everything was gonna be twice as hard for her, cause she was different. Different then the others. Lately all her friends had this new obbsesion, One Direction. They would always listen to they´re songs and talk about them, and as usual Hallie coulden´t be apart of that, but what happens when her friends bring Hallie along to One Direction signing? Find out about Hallies story, when her life suddenly takes a turn, after meeting the famous singer Louis Tomlison, and the rest of the boys.


2. Bumping into "someone"


The day had come. I didn´t want to go to the signing, but since i promised Olivia i was gonna go , i intended on doing it. 

I was laying in my bed, and just starring at the white ceiling. When i looked at it, it was like i was drawn into the wall. It might sound strange, but for some reason i always forgot my concernes when i starred at the ceiling.

My phone vibrating next to me, made me take my eyes from the ceiling. My attention went to my phone, and at the corner of my phone i saw the name Olivia.

My fingers traced over the screen, which was almost completely destroyed. I let out a soft sigh and looked at the message. 

´Hey Hallie! Im picking you up first, and then we are going to the other girls houses, so be ready in half an hour or so! xx´

´Okay. I´ll get ready now´ 

I tried sounding exited for her, but it just wasen´t working. I quickly gave up on trying to find ways to sneak out, and just accepted that i promised Olivia i would go.

I got up from the bed, and start getting ready, in the slowest way as possible. My body was tired after all of the laying down, and eating til my jeans dont fit. To be serious i coulden´t go on like this. I put my hands to my stomach and looked down. Yeah, maybe i need to do some situps....... Probably later.

I was about to write the girls asking them what they were gonna wear, but since my phone was being annoying as fuck, i just carried on by myself. It was just a signing, so people we´re probably gonna go in normal clothes, i think.

I put some black jeans on, with a cute pink top saying. ´Who needs love´. Then i put my hair up in a loose bun, and added a bit makeup to my face.

I looked at the mirror satisfyied, and choose some black converse shoes to make up the rest of the look.

Grabbing my broken phone, I shoved it on my pocket, before running downstairs. "Hey mom, im gonna go to One Directions signing in the mall" I called out not knowing if she was here or not. 

I made my way down the hall, and opened the front door, seing Olivia in not a quite good mood, standing there. "I have called, texted, knocked and you didnt answer" She said in a slow, but irritated way. I coulden´t help but smile as i read her lips. She seemed so pissed. "Sorry" I answered back innocently and walked over to her car jumping in.

Olivia followed right behind me and speeded up, driving fastely to the girls houses. I looked at my phone, and saw the time gasping. That´s why she was mad. I was more then an hour late. I only seemed like ten minuttes when i was getting ready.


We picked up all of the girls, and soon all five of us were driving down the street, with the wind blowing in our hair. Olivia found a good parking spot, and parked the car. 

We walked out seing liturally a thousand cars just in the parking lot. I had a feeling there was gonna be alot of people.

Olivia held on to my wrist and lead me inside along the other girls. The mall was filled up with teenage girls, who seemed like to be screaming, and just freaking out. My eyes roamed the mall and i started getting a little nervous by all of these people.

With Olivia holding on to my wrist she tried leading us through all of the people who were shoving, jumping and at the same time going nuts. A girl bumped in to me, which made Olivia let go of my writs. I fell to the ground, but quickly got up again, trying to look around for Olivia, and the other girls. I felt my heart beat faster when i didn´t see them anywhere, and not hearing wasen´t helping me. All of the girls were pushing me in different directions, and i started feeling really bad. It was like i haden´t any space to breathe. I tried concentrating to breath heavily but something inside of me freaked out, and soon i was trying to get through the crowd, practically running away.

I got away from the big crowd, but somehow i was still running away. I looked over my shoulder to see if i had gotton away, but felt a dizzy blurry after bumping in to someone, causing me to fall to the ground. I opened my eyes and moved my head so i was looking into the most beautiful blue eyes, i had ever seen.


Louis POV

I was walking to the back of the mall to meet up with the guys. I had just been in a store to buy food for the guys, since we were all really starving. A smile spreaded on my face when i saw all of the girls, who were in the mall, just to see us. I coulden´t help but feel a little proud of being a part of One Direction. 

I focused my eyes back on where i was going, but it was too late cause a girl was going in the same direction as me, and because none of us really were paying attention, we bumped into eathother, causing her to fall down.

"Sorry! I am so sorry! I apoligized looking down at her. For second it felt like i wasen´t present. I somehow felt myself starring at her but i coulden´t help it. She was beautiful. "Im sorry" I said again as i snapped out of my thoughts, and reached my arm out for her. She quickly took it and got up,  quietly looking down. This one was different. She wasen´t jumping on me, or attacking me with pictures, and questions. I felt like i was just Louis again. Before i got famous. "Are you okay?" I asked looking at her.

Somehow it looked like she didn´t get it, so i repeated myself. "Are you lost? Do you want me to call someone for you?" I asked her, and as return she just starred at me. I coulden´t help but feel a little dissapointed. Why woulden´t she answer me? Her lips moved, and it seemed like she was trying to say something, but she quickly stopped and looked away. "Im sorry" She whispered, and before i knew it she was running away.

I completely forgot about everything at that moment, and just ran after her. She was fast and right as i was about to catch up with her, the worst thing that could happen, happened. "OMG LOOK! ITS LOUIS" I heard a girly voice yell, and soon a bunch of teenage girls were in a circle around me, trying to snap a picture, and ask questions. I just kept looking in the direction of the girl though. I saw her turning around, and when she looked at me, it was like i could feel sadness in her eyes, dissapointment. She turned around again, and ran away. I sighed when she got out of my sight, and started paying attention to the fans.


Hallies POV

I stopped when i reached the back of the mall, and closed my eyes catching my breath. That guy i bumped in to seemed so familiar, and because the girls freaked when they saw him, a part of me thought it was one of the guys from One Direction, but how could it be? He seemed so different from all of the guys i had met. He waited patiently for me to answer him, and i wanted to, but i just didn´t know what he was saying. He talked quite fast,  and i struggled trying to read his lips. 

I was just glad i got away from him. He must have thought i was some kind of freak. Which i somehow was.

I sighed and started walked to the exit of the mall, not caring if i was finding the girls or not. I just didn´t feel like walking through that big crowd again.

I played with the end of my hair, and started walking, heading home. Coulden´t take more of all og this. It was all weird, and also new for me.

On the way home my phone vibrated all the time, but i didn´t care. I wasen´t gonna let Olivia make me come back. It would be to emberrasing if we met him again. He would probably tell the guys all about how i ignored him, and ran away. No, that wasen´t gonna happen. Then they would all five think i was weird. A lot of people were already thinking that, and i woulden´t have five superstars think that too.



I opened the door to my house, seing my mom standing there with a smile on her face. "Im tired, so im just gonna go up to my room" I mumbled, not wanting to tell her everything about how i hate life. Being a teenager, and especially being deaf. I didn´t talk to anyone about that, cause then they would probably think i wasen´t greatful for what i already had, which i was. Alot.

My room was as messy, as it was this morning. But admit it. I dont think there is any girl in this world, there always keep their room clean. I glanced over at my bed with a dreamy look. I could see how it was just waiting for me to lay in it.  A smile plastered on my face, while looking at it.

I took a long warm shower first, and changed to more comfortable clothes. Some grey sweatpants, and a black top.

I turned the lights off and walked over to my bed, laying down under the covers. This is the feeling i missed today. The feeling of comfort, and warmth. It was nice, that was something i could admit.


Louis POV

"Something has been bothering you Louis, just tell us" Harry leaned over to me on the couch, and starred, trying to make me tell him.

"Yeah mate. We wont laugh" Niall said from the other couch, which made Zayn and Liam nod. 

"Its nothing speciel" I shrugged and turned my attention back to the tv. It was impossible for me to pay attention to the movie, cause i could just feel all four of them starring at me.

"Nothing speciel?" Harry asked slightly confused, and poked my side with his elbow. "You haven´t been yourself since this afternoon before the signings" He sighed and sat back. "And you kept looking at every girl like it was NCIS" He said making a smile form on my lips.

"He probably doesen´t want to tell us that he found someone" Zayn said dumping down next to me on the couch.

"I didn´t find someone....Not exactly "

"So there is a ´Someone´?"

I chuckled and shoke my head. "I just bumped in to this girl, but she was different from any other girl i had seen."

"So did the great Tommo get her number?" Zayn asked in an annoying tone, making all of the guys pay closer attention.

I shoke my head in dissapointment. "I dont really know what happened....She ignored me, and ran away"

The guys quickly understood why i had been in this crapy mood all day, and instead of giving me stupid comments, they just nodded and forgot all about it. Thats what i loved about theses guys. They understood what i wanted to talk about, and things we should just forget.

I stood up, and made my way into the hall. I bend down putting my shoes on, and took my jacket from the hanger . I didn´t want my bad mood to disturb the guys, so i should just cool of, and get some sleep. I would probably forget about her soon.



Sorry that the storie isn´t getting that exited yet, but its gonna be better soon when they meet again.

I hope you like it so far, and please comment saying if you like it, and what i could do better!

Thanksss! xx







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