Texts..... *FINISHED*

It all started with a text.................. Who ever knew, that my whole life would change just by a wrong number?! Well i didn't that's for sure! haha! girls would kill to be in my place!
Curious? read on to find out :0
I based this movellas on:
Funny Texts!
By Viola styles, Kelly G and Rawrzy Is A Maniac
Just wanted to give them credit :)
And this is my first movella so it might not be as good as the others :S


7. Truth or Dare (2)

Truth or Dare (2)


"Kiss everyone in this room" Niall said.

"WHAT?!" Melissa shouted. Woah! This girl can shout!

"I-I-I change to truth" she said quickly.

"Fine! Your truth question is- Who is the best kisser?" Harry, answered this time, trying to act innocent.

"But, how can i without-" Melissa finally caught on! 

"GOD! You guys are just so.........UGH!" She said.

"But you have to do it" I said winking at her.

"Fine......" she mumbled while she made her way to Niall. 

I looked away. I couldn't bear to see her kiss anyone but me. I had a plan. I was going to give her the best and most passionate kiss of her life, I mean which girl can resist that right?

I sneaked a glance at her.She was know kissing Zayn. My heart broke into 2. 

"Okay! You guys can break it up now!" I said, a bit too loudly. She quickly pulled away and started to blush. She's so cute when she blushes. She made her way to Harry when he stopped her and said ,"No! Save the best for last!" He said while giving his flirtatious smile that girls would die for.

I was the last one before Harry. She made her way over to me. She sat opposite me. We both leaned in until I felt her hot breath. I closed the gap by placing my lips over her soft and delicate ones. As soon as I touched her, I felt sparks flying in the air. I wonder if she felt them as well? Much much more tun when I kissed Eleanor. I kissed her really passionately. At first, she seemed shocked but then she kissed back with the same amount of passion................ 

She finally pulled away when Harry cleared his throat. I would have never pulled away. It was turning into a make out session now. 

Melissa smiled at me and leaned in to whisper in my ear, "I liked that". I started grinning like an idiot. She had noooo idea how much those words meant to me.....

Try and beat that Harry................


Wow! that kiss with Louis was so good! Defiantly beats Liam, Zayn and Niall so far. I felt fireworks going off inside me when we kissed. I know it sounds really stupid but that's what it felt like.


I watched them kiss. I clenched my fists. Wait 'til Louis sees how passionately I kiss Melissa. Ha! I'd love to see his face when she says that the winner was me!

My thoughts ended. I cleared my throat, signalling for them to break it up. Melissa pulled away because Louis was obviously enjoying it too much to do it. She pulled away and then leaned in closer and whispered something in Louis's ear. I couldn't hear what it was but whatever she said made Louis start smiling like an idiot. Did she tell him that she loved it!!!!! Damn! I had some competition hear :S

I saw her approach me and she sat opposite me. I pulled her onto my lap and crashed my lips onto hers. I felt sparks going off inside, sort of like fireworks. I've never felt this way before when I've kissed girls and believe me I've kissed a lot of girls ;)

at first, Melissa didn't kiss back and i felt really disappointed. Just as I was about to pull back, she started kissing me passionately. I smiled against the kiss. After what only seemed to be a few seconds, I realised that we had been kissing for 5 minutes. We were about to go on for more when ,of course, Louis had to interrupt!!!!!!!! >:( 

He cleared his throat loudly. Melissa instantly pulled back and you could tell that she was ashamed. I really hope I won this though........otherwise I would have to listen to Louis' bragging.



Wow! That kiss was amazing!  I felt really ashamed after that because I just looked like a slut.

I pulled back and went to sit down in my seat. I felt all pairs of eyes staring at me, waiting for me to answer.....

Wow! Talk about awkward.............

"Well?" Harry began

"Who won?" Louis said.

"Um.......well......it was kinda tied between Louis and Harry...... no offence to the others though" I said. 

"Oh it's fine" Niall said, along with Liam and Zayn

Harry asked me, "There can ONLY be ONE winner"

"I'll tell you afterwards I need to think about it, if you really want to know." I said smiling. These boys are so pushy.

Louis looked at his watch. "Okay, made up your mind now" he said after 5 seconds. i burst out laughing. "It shouldn't be THAT hard once you've experienced the Style's kiss" Harry said flirtatiously. At the corner of my eye, I saw Louis giving him a dirty glare.

I'm not stupid! I know they are trying to "win me over" believe me. I've seen to many rom coms to know that! It's just that I don't want to break up Larry Stylinson............or One Direction for the matter, if things get out of hand...........

I knew they are going to be pushy and persistent so I might as well get it over with. I just realised that the rest of the boys left for us to sort it out. Haha! Good decision, boys!


"Okaaay I'll choose but noo hard feelings right?"

"Yh sure!" they both said but I didn't believe it.

"Okay! The winner is.............." I began dramatically 



LOL! left u guys on a cliffhanger.........ish :) Who do you want her to pick?! Tell me in the comments who you think she will pick. I've got an idea but I'm just interested to see what you guys think :)






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