Texts..... *FINISHED*

It all started with a text.................. Who ever knew, that my whole life would change just by a wrong number?! Well i didn't that's for sure! haha! girls would kill to be in my place!
Curious? read on to find out :0
I based this movellas on:
Funny Texts!
By Viola styles, Kelly G and Rawrzy Is A Maniac
Just wanted to give them credit :)
And this is my first movella so it might not be as good as the others :S


19. Rescuing Her

Rescuing Her


"EMILY????!!!!!!!!!!" I said shocked. Well, to be honest, I wasn't that shocked seeing as she lied to us about where Melissa was. 

"Ha-Harry? Haha! What are you doing here, babe?" she asked scratching the back of her neck, she was really nervous.

I was so tempted to push her pretty face into the wall and go and find Melissa. I had to hold it all within me.

"Well, um...........we were looking for Melissa but we can't find her............. I followed you up her, I was curious to see where you were going........." I said hesitantly, hoping that she would believe me.

Emily seemed to relax slightly. Enjoy it while your freedom lasts, Emily.

"It's fine! Come! Come on in!" she said holding the door open. I was looking around from where I was standing to see where Melissa could be. 

All the doors were open and unlocked..........except for one door..........


While Harry was distracting Emily, I took the role of Superman. I went through the back door. It was locked. Damn! Wait- i wonder if the key is.............. yes! Typical! What is with everyone putting their keys under the door mat? I opened the door to find a locked door. Surprisingly, the lock was the same so I opened it.

As soon as I opened it, I heard some movement. Is that Melissa? Or is it some other kidnapper girl? Just then I heard a loud thud. This is really creeping me out know. My breathing started to get heavy and heavier. Just then, I heard an "owwwwwww........." really faintly. Despite how quiet it was, I could recognise that voice from anywhere. 

MELISSA! I found her!

I ran down the stairs and saw her holding her hand to her head, there was a lot of blood gushing out and started to cry quietly. I ran to her side.

"melissa................. it's okay! I'm here!" I said soothingly while hugging her and smoothing down her hair.

"Louis? Is it really you? Thank you so much!" she said while hugging me. I breathed in her usual scent - vanilla. My favourite. I could probably smell it all day but that would be weird. I carried Melissa bridal style out of the door. I crept out of the back door and put Melissa into the car. Now I needed to get Harry. How was I going to do this?

"Harry! Come on! We need to go now!" I shouted directly to him. What? I mean it's not as if they're going to be suspicious right?

"Yeah, coming!" he said while making his way over to the car. "Did you find her?" he said. "Yes, I did." I said proudly. "But we need to get her home first and treat her head, it's got like loads of blood gushing out." I said pushing Harry into the car, before he could ask any further questions and delay us any more. "I'm going to kill Emily....." he muttered under his breath. "I'll help! But first we need to inform the police about this." Wow! I'm starting to sound like Liam now! What's gotten into me? Oh yeah! Melissa............

I looked into the drivers mirror. I saw Melissa sleeping in the back. I felt so bad, that I couldn't protect her..........


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