Texts..... *FINISHED*

It all started with a text.................. Who ever knew, that my whole life would change just by a wrong number?! Well i didn't that's for sure! haha! girls would kill to be in my place!
Curious? read on to find out :0
I based this movellas on:
Funny Texts!
By Viola styles, Kelly G and Rawrzy Is A Maniac
Just wanted to give them credit :)
And this is my first movella so it might not be as good as the others :S


24. Going Public

Going Public


"Wake up Melissa!" a soft voice said in my ear. 

"Huh? What?" I said, half-asleep. 

Just then someone, being a certain Harry Styles, swooped me into his arms. I just chuckled and put my arms around his neck and fell back asleep again.


I was sleeping when I heard a 'click' sound. My eyes shot up. I looked around to see loads of camera flashes in my eyes. It was the paparazzi. Damn! I tried to wake Melissa up, I honestly don't know how she can sleep through these flashes of lights.

She wasn't waking up. I just swopped her in my arms, bridal style,  while she just wrapped her arms around my neck. I ran back to my house with her in my arms. On the way, I got bombarded with questions like 'Are you two dating?' etc. But one question really stood out to me. 

'What happened with Louissa?'

I completely forgot about Louissa! Melissa's probably going to get a lot of hate, since people think she's stringing us both along. I've got an interview tomorrow, so I guess I'll just sort everything out there.

I went inside and went upstairs to my bedroom where I gently put Melissa down. I knelt down by her side, she looks so peaceful and innocent while she was sleeping. Assuming she was asleep, I kissed her forehead and said in her ear

"I love you. I think you're the one. No....wait..change that to- I KNOW your the one"


"I love you. I think you're the one. No....wait..change that to- I KNOW your the one" Harry said. He probably thought I was asleep. I pretended to sleep because I couldn't be bothered to get up myself! Effort! I felt so safe in his arms.

Just as he was about to go, I grabbed his arms. 

"Melissa> Did I wake you?" he said, surprised.

"No, I was pretending. I just wanted to be in your arms." I said.

"And I love you too, Harry!" I said.

Harry had a huge smile plastered on his face. "Y-y-you heard that?" 

"Yeah!" He then got on the bed, next to me. He kissed me passionately. Wow! I felt as if this kiss would never end.  But unfortunately we were both running out of breath so we pulled apart.

"What happened?" I said, referring to the date.

"Oh....um the paparazzi found us and started to take pictures." he said.


"I've got an interview tomorrow. WHat should I say when they ask about Louissa?" 

Louissa? Oh me and Lou? I completely forgot about that!!!!

"Um......just tell them that we broke up or something.........." I said. I didn't want everyone to know about the whole jealousy thing going on between us.

"Yeah, and I'm going to tell them about us as well?" 

"Sure!" I said smiling. Tomorrow, I was going to be known as Harry Styles' girlfriend.


How cool is that????


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