Texts..... *FINISHED*

It all started with a text.................. Who ever knew, that my whole life would change just by a wrong number?! Well i didn't that's for sure! haha! girls would kill to be in my place!
Curious? read on to find out :0
I based this movellas on:
Funny Texts!
By Viola styles, Kelly G and Rawrzy Is A Maniac
Just wanted to give them credit :)
And this is my first movella so it might not be as good as the others :S


23. Date



This all seems so unreal. Melissa is my girlfriend. I've been waiting so long for this moment. I just want her to give me a chance to see if things work out between us, which I hope they do.

I woke up at like 8 today. I smelt pancakes was it? I was immediately attracted to it, like how a bee is to a honey. I'm starving! I went into the kitchen, only to find Melissa on her phone. 

"Hey, girlfriend" I said, smiling.

Melissa looked up. She had a slightly sad expression but her eyes lit up when she saw me,

"Hi, boyfriend!" she said laughing.

"Did you make these pancakes?" I asked pointing to the stack on the table. 

"Um.no. Louis did." I looked closer. I could see some shavings of carrot in there. Of course, it was Louis. Speaking of Louis......"Where is he?" I asked. I thought he was staying here.

"Oh...he kinda left, after I told him about......." Melissa was really hesitant and nervous for some reason. I went down and sat next to her. I cupped my hands around her face. She smiled. 

"After I told him about you being my boyfriend," she said briefly. I knew she was hiding something and that she was fighting the urge not to tell me but I didn't push it. I didn't want her to break down. I mean, we've only just started dating!

"Oh!" I said. Louis must be really sad. I'll have to check up on him later. meanwhile, I was planning to spend some well deserved time with my beautiful girlfriend.

"So, anyway what do you wanna do today?" I asked, pulling Melissa up from the chair and into the couch, on top of my lap, in the living room. 

"How about.......we have a lazy day in and watch loads of movies.....?" she asked.

"Yeah, k. Hey..would you like to go out on a date with me. Tonight? 7PM?" I asked.

"No." she said casually.

"What?Why?" I was really disappointed now. My heart sank when she said that 2 lettered word.

Melissa just started to laugh. And I mean, like really laughing hard, she fell down on the floor and was rolling about.

"Hahhaha!!!! I'm just kidding! I'm your girlfriend, for crying out loud! You don't even need to ask me and waste your breath. The answers always going to be yes!" she said laughing. She sat back on my lap. She leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips. As she was about to pull away, I pulled her back in. 

"That was too short for my liking" I said against her lips.

"I'll never be able to match to your liking, Harry. If I do, I'll die because I'll be out of breath." she said rolling her eyes.

We then kissed passionately and very soon, it was turning into a make-out session.

When we pulled apart, Melissa grabbed my face in her hands and said, "Better?"

"Yup!" I said happily. We then decided to watch the Hunger Games (<----------A/N I love the hunger games!!!!!!!! Who else does? If you haven't watched it, you should!) Well by we, I really mean Melissa, she has a way with words and somehow managed to convince me.

------------------------------(after the movie. It is now 6:00.------------------------------------------------


'Come one, Harry! Out you go! You need to get ready!" I said  while pushing him out of the house. He was really stubborn on leaving me. He said that he'll miss me. It's just for one hour!

"One hour! Harry! After, that I'm all yours!" I said while kissing him.

"I like it when you say that I'm yours!" he said smiling.

"That's nice! Now go!" I said while closing the door on his pouting face, which was unbelievably cute. I ran upstairs and looked at my all my clothes. Harry told me before that I should wear something casual. Okay....... I took out my Aeropostale top with Hollister trousers. I'm not really the type of person to wear make-up. I get really immature when it comes to it. For example, when I wear lip stick, I always end up licking it with my tongue. It always ends up smudged in the end. As for my eye liner. The line, which I draw is so thick, it just looks plain weird with a random thick black line no where near my eyes. 

So I decided to just curl my hair up. I sometimes get bored with my natural straight hair.

I looked at the time, 6:59.

As if on cue, I heard the door bell ring. I ran downstairs and opened it to find Harry Styles leaning down on the side of my door. He was just wearing  a plain white v neck top with black jeans. 

"You're early....by a minute.....someone's clearly excited!" I teased.

He just rolled his eyes at me. "Ready?" he asked. 

"Yup" I replied. 

"Where are we going?' I asked.

"It's a surprise!" he said.

We walked together for about 5 minutes, when we finally reached. There was a picnic set out by the river. The water in the river looked like silver droplets, splashing. 

"Harry, it's beautiful!" I said

"I'm glad you like it, Niall suggested it" Harry said while taking my hand and leading me over to the picnic.

"This food is really good Harry. What shop did you buy it from?" I asked. 

"I made it."  It was really good, it put mine and my mum's cooking to shame. 

When we finished we both just lay under the stars. 

"So how did I do? For  our first date?" Harry asked nervously.

"Harry, it's perfect. It's the best one I've ever been on!" 

I kissed him and felt him smile against my lips. I laid my head onto his chest. My eyes soon fell heavy and I drifted off into sleep.

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