Texts..... *FINISHED*

It all started with a text.................. Who ever knew, that my whole life would change just by a wrong number?! Well i didn't that's for sure! haha! girls would kill to be in my place!
Curious? read on to find out :0
I based this movellas on:
Funny Texts!
By Viola styles, Kelly G and Rawrzy Is A Maniac
Just wanted to give them credit :)
And this is my first movella so it might not be as good as the others :S


22. Confessions Part 2

Confessions Part 2

~Just saying, this is now set in the morning, next day~


My mental alarm clock woke me up. I looked on the bedside table at the time - 7:30, the  big red numbers read. I looked over to where Melissa was supposed to be sleeping, but she wasn't there. Weird.

I forced myself to get up. As I was walking to the stairs, I heard a snore coming from one of the bedrooms which I could recognise any day. It was Harry's. I went downstairs to find Melissa sleeping on the couch, with a packet of half-eaten Doritos in her hand. She looked so calm and peaceful when she slept. I just stared at her, taking in her beauty. WOW! I must look like some sort of creep or perv right now :S 

I really like Melissa. If only she knew that. Maybe she does, somehow? I mean, I am dating her but it's all an act which doesn't count. I think, I should tell her. I really can't imagine myself with another girl but her. She's defiantly the one. I need to tell her. Even if she says that she loves Harry and not me, I still need to let her know about how much I love her. It's weird, I've known her for a pretty long time now, but whenever she smiles at me, I always get a field of butterflies erupting inside me. Even though, that seems like a girl sort of thing.

I decided to make breakfast for Harry, me and her. I took some pancake mix out and began to pour it into the pan. When I finished, I put it all on the table. I then heard some shuffling coming from the living room, where Melissa was sleeping. She probably woke up. Is now a good time to tell her? Probably not, she literally just woke up. 

"Hi Lou!" she said while walking to the kitchen. She stopped in front of the pancakes.

"Pancakes? Really? Awwww! Thanks, Lou! You're sweet!" she complimented. I turned away from her, pretending to wash the pan in the sink. I could feel a slight blush coming on. I didn't want her to see it. 

"Yup! and no need to state the obvious" I said.

I turned around, just in time to see Melissa roll her eyes. 

"Don't you roll your eyes on me, young lady" I said, turning into my sassy self.

"Oh really! Stop being so sassy, young man!" she said. i do admit, she's quite good with thinking of comebacks on the spot. It's a talent.

"Um,Lou...... I need to tell you something" she said.

I froze. Was she going to tell me what I think she was going to say? That she loves me, just as much as I love her? I felt a huge smile coming. I tried to hide, and surprisingly did it well, or so I think.

" R-Really? Haha! Me too!" I said.

"okay, then! You start!" she said

"No, you" I said back.

"No, you!"

"No, you!"

"No, you!"

"Fine! Geez!" I said shaking my head. This was really going to get us nowhere.

"Melissa. What I wanted to say was that I.......I love you. I've loved you for a long time now. Even before we started this whole fake dating thing." I said, looking at her. The smile that she had before, slowly disappeared.

"D-D-Do you f-f-feel the same? i asked hesitantly.

Melissa looked down at the floor, avoiding my eyes. 

"I'm sorry, Lou. I think, you should hear what I have to say now." she said.

I didn't answer. I felt tears staring to swell up in my eyes. I forced them not to fall though.

"last night," she began, "I was downstairs looking for some food, when Harry came. He- kinda did what you did right now. He told me that he loves me." she said.

"H-he what?"My voice came out less than a whisper. 

"He tole me that he loves me," she repeated, "and he asked me to be his girlfriend. And I said yes. Please understand, Louis. I really do love him!" she looked at me with pleading eyes.

I guess it was kind of predictable. I mean, which girl DOESN'T fall for the Styles' charms? 

"It's fine!" I said. But it was most certainly NOT fine. In fact it was the opposite of it, whatever the opposite is.......

The love of my life is dating my best mate.

"Can we just be friends Louis? I never knew that you felt like this." she said, in a very sad and guiltly voice. I couldn't bear to hear her sad, even though she's not my girl. 

"Yeah! Sure. I'll move on!" I said, trying to be happy but I guess  my voice kinda cracked. But secretly, I knew, that no one could ever match up to Melissa. She was perfect in so many ways. Even if I did date some other person, I would always be comparing her to Melissa. So there's no point in doing that.

Why is it that the boy who gets everything he wants gets ,who was supposed to be, my girl while I, a boy who never asks for much (except loads of carrots), doesn't even get the love of his life.



I literally had an emotional break-down while writing this.




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