There is Not Always a Forever

Two teenage girls going to london for a vacation alone for the first time. But what will happen after they meet one of the hottest band 'One Direction'? One of the girls have a dark past. Will she risk falling in love again?


3. Old Best Friends

Aisha's P.O.V 

My head was not on Sam's lap anymore, nothing to worry she must have gone to the washroom. After 5 min of stretching and adjusting into my own seat, i was Sam walk in, all the color from her face had drained. Is she alright? She doesn't have motion sickness for sure cause we went for a long boat ride and she was fine. What could have happened? She came to her seat looked at me with a half-smile and said,' Woke up sleepy head?' and just yawned loudly again. We giggled and i have to say the 5 boys in the flight with us are extremely loud we could her them snore and laugh like all the time and cracking cheap jokes. Who are these people? I wanted to go to the washroom, i got up unbuckled my seat beat walked towards the washroom and saw the faces of those 5 boys. no wonder Sam was so pale. Why didn't she tell me? or maybe she is still digesting what she saw. I just quietly sat back on my seat. I feel the color drain from my face wanted to scream and hug them all i saw so happy! A smile crept onto my face I will put my plan in action 30 minutes before we land. This is going to lots of fun. Its more like a dream. 

Niall's P.O.V.

The boys and me finally entered the flight after escaping the pap. We were yet in our disguise- baseball caps and shades. We thought we were alone in the first class but there were two girls also. One was maybe around 17 or 18 and the other who looked around 16 or 17 was asleep on the elder one's lap, they like sisters. But the elder girl's face looked very familiar but it just doesn't click who she is. I could tell the boys were stunted looking at other people around but anyways it isn't our privet jet that we can complain. i couldn't wait to be on break and meet my family and friends. i was the first one to doze off and i could tell the boys were almost asleep too. I was the first one to get a I saw the elder girl walking towards the washroom but the moment she saw us the color drained from her face then she looked at me and ran into the washroom. Did i do a crime? Right after she came back it clicked it was Samantha from Ireland! How could I forget, we knew each other since we were 1. She was my best friend and before i forget she and her mother made awesome brownies. I quickly unbuckled and walked towards her seat. I heard Louis say,'Where you going mate the bathroom is that way.' I gestured to him to wait. I saw her looking out of the window and the younger girl gaping at me. I said,'Hey! How are you it has been a such a long time since we have last met!' She replied,'You remember me. That's just wow like didn't think you would remember.' Before i could reply the younger girl said,'Please excuse us for a second you can talk to Sam after a minute.'  I did what i was told and went back giving Samantha a smile.

Aisha's P.O.V

Sam looked pale and didn't say anything after she came back from the wash. Then guess what i saw. The Niall Horan is walking towards towards our seat. Niall has always been my favorite.  I was staring at him. And what he said gave me a bit of a shock. He said,'Hey! How are you it has been such a long time since the last time we met!' she replied,'You remember me. that's just wow like i didn't think you would remember.' I has no clue what they were saying. Before any of them could speak any other word I excused us and he went back to his seat. I faced Sam and she said,'I can explain, please.' With her pleading eyes. I just said,'Okay, explain in 5 minutes.' She nodded. I was upset and maybe a jealous i don't know. I didn't understand why didn't she tell me? There were a million questions in my head. I would find my answers when she started. And then she started telling me her story.

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