The Truth

Mil's parents died when she was 13 years old. What will happen when she finds out how her parents died and what killed them is watching over her now for protection. When her and her best friend (destiny) begins to have feelings for that one guy which one will he chose and who will get turned into a monster.


13. Thinking

Mil's POV


After we pulled apart we both just stared into each others eyes "wow...." I said "yeah" he said I didn't know what to say that was just........ magical. It was a weird silence before he spoke " well I better be going Renesemme is at home by her self and she gets really scared " he said " bye " I said " bye " he wispered then he jumped out the window. I couldn't sleep that night so I stayed up thinking about how did my life get so messed up until I finally dosed off. Finally.Peace.At.Last.


Hey all my little tommos' sorry I haven't been updating I have been really busy with school but I will try to update more so hope you like the new chap.

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