The Truth

Mil's parents died when she was 13 years old. What will happen when she finds out how her parents died and what killed them is watching over her now for protection. When her and her best friend (destiny) begins to have feelings for that one guy which one will he chose and who will get turned into a monster.


2. Meeting him

Mil's pov

I was laying on my bed thinking about my parents and how much I miss them when all-of-a-sudden I felt something in front of me. When I looked up I saw a teenage boy. "What's your name" I asked " Harry styles" he answered "how did you get in here" I said " I have my ways " I laughed " well I have to get ready for bed school starts tomorrow so bye" I said and waved then with that he left.

Harry's pov

I can't believe she doesn't remember me the person that was there through think and thin. When I arrived at the flat I opened the door and the lads were on the couch watching toy story 2. "Hey guys I'm home" "hey Harry" they said back " so where have you been hazza" Lou asked " well I went to go meet that girl named Mil so when she sees me following her she won't think that I'm a stranger." I said " oh so did you tell her that we are you know V.A.M.P.I.R.E.S" Niall asked in a whisper "no Niall I didn't " I whispered back " oh" he said " well have you guys talked to Paul he said that we have an interview tomorrow morning" Liam stated " well we need to go hunting tonight so we won't starve tomorrow morning"I said and with that we got our coats and left.

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