The Truth

Mil's parents died when she was 13 years old. What will happen when she finds out how her parents died and what killed them is watching over her now for protection. When her and her best friend (destiny) begins to have feelings for that one guy which one will he chose and who will get turned into a monster.


10. HE DID WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Mil's POV

I was on my way to destiny's house when all of a sudden Luis popped up in my mind ' what happened to him ' I thought I'll just ask destiny when I get to her house.

* The House *

I pulled up to destiny's house and walked to the front door and rung the doorbell. As she opened the door the first thing that came out was " What happened to Luis " I said she sighed and invited me in. We sat down on the couch as she started to talk " well...... Um he's dead " she whispered loud enough that I can hear her. " How " I said with tears rolling down my eyes all she said was " Harry " I was angry so I walked out to my car crying. I went to Harry's house when I knocked on the door he opened it. When it was fully open he said " oh hey Mil what's wro- " " what did you do to him " I said cutting him off " I..I don't know what you are talking about " he said stuttering " You know exactly what I'm talking about now tell me what you did HARRY!!!

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