The Truth

Mil's parents died when she was 13 years old. What will happen when she finds out how her parents died and what killed them is watching over her now for protection. When her and her best friend (destiny) begins to have feelings for that one guy which one will he chose and who will get turned into a monster.


4. Do i know you part 2

Mil's POV


As I was walking to class I accidently bumped into a boy about my age. " Hi" he said " Hey " I said nervously. " My name is Josh " he said " Mil, nice to meet you " I said back." well I have to get to class, but I'll see you at lunch and maybe we can eat together " he said while leaving " bye " I called out " bye " he called back. when he left I felt eyes watching me and once I turned around there I saw harry and destiny staring at me but quickly looked away. " That was weird " I whispered to myself and with that I went to first period.

Harry's POV


* In Class*

I was in class and thinking about what Mil and Luis could have been talking about when my thoughts got interrupted by someone giggling behind me. I turned around to see Mil and Luis laughing none stop. When class was over the bell ranged and the teacher dismissed us and I was the first one out. I turned around to hear someone call my name and it was Mil running towards me. " What do you want from me " she asked " What do you mean " I said " You follow me everywhere " she answered there was a pause " Why " she asked " I can't tell you " I answered and walked away . Trouble is among us.


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