My little secret

Emely is a 17 year old girl, she's really insecure and doesn't have much self-confidence.
She has this one thing that makes her happy, but that's just her little secret...


5. worried

It’s been 2 days since I replied to Justin, he never replied back. I’m so stupid to think that he actually has time for me.

I got dressed and went to school… by bike.

 I still didn’t hear anything from Taylor. I’m worried. She doesn’t answer her phone and her car is still on the school parking lot. Her parents are on a holiday for 3 months so I can’t ask them if they know where she is. No one from our group knows where she is or what happened. The police started an investigation already but no result.

The whole day is boring as hell. I can’t concentrate because I’m thinking about Tay all the time.

It was the first class after lunch and there was a knock on the door. I looked at the door that was fully open now. I couldn’t believe my eyes.


She just stood there, smiling.

‘OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Everybody was so worried about you!’

The whole class turned their attention to Tay who now had a frown on her head.

‘Why were you worried about me?’

‘Tay, you’ve been missing for 2 days’

‘But I texted you!’ ‘No Tay you didn’t’

I showed her my phone. No message.

Taylor walked to me and grabbed the seat next to me.

The teacher looked at us and continued with the exercise.

‘what happened?’ I whispered

‘I met this cute boy and after school I went to his place, I thought I texted you but apparently I didn’t.’ Taylor explained

‘okay but where were you yesterday and this morning then?’

‘yesterday I overslept  because it was kind of late the night before and I just skipped school and this morning I didn’t feel well, but now I’m better so I decided to come to school. It took longer than I thought because my car was still here.’

‘okay I’m just glad that you’re okay. I was so worried’

‘I’m sorry Ems, I really thought I texted you’

‘it’s okay Tay, so tell me about this boy’

‘Uhm, he’s cute’ ‘yeah you already said that but  who is he?’

‘I don’t want to talk about him’ ‘O-kay’

I’m really glad Tay’s okay but why is she acting so weird? She overslept and was sick, why don’t I believe her?


I just let it go and had fun with her the rest of day. We pissed off some teachers and got some detention. Urgh another hour in school, you got to be kidding me.

There were 8 people in detention, I sat in the back next to Tay. She missed 2 days of school so she was copying my notes and all the other students were sleeping or studying I guess.

I got bored so I grabbed my math book and hided my phone behind it. I opened facebook but I got bored immediately so I opened twitter. I went straight to my dm and saw that he replied to me.


‘Emely, what are you doing?’


The teacher walked towards me and I couldn’t do anything. She took my phone and went back to her desk.

I didn’t even had the time to read what he said…



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