My little secret

Emely is a 17 year old girl, she's really insecure and doesn't have much self-confidence.
She has this one thing that makes her happy, but that's just her little secret...


2. Who's the guy?

*Emely’s pov*

I couldn’t sleep that night. The only thing on my mind was Justin. I still can’t believe he followed me. As I was thinking about him I slowly drifted to sleep…

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I immediately checked my phone. Maybe Justin replied to me!


What was I thinking that he really replies to every DM he gets? of course not. He gets millions of messages every day, why in the world would he read mine?

Maybe I should send him something else. “Thank you so much for following me. I love you baby”

With that I got out of bed and put on a cute dress. I live in a small town in Canada and it’s April so the weather is getting a little bit better.

I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way to school. It’s the first time after my father’s dead that I’m actually happy and it’s all because of Justin. He always knows how to put a smile on my face and he doesn’t even know me.

Nothing could change my happy mood today. Nothing.

‘So girl, are you gonna tell me or what?’ Taylor asks

‘What do you mean’ I ask confused

‘That smile on your face, who's the guy?’

‘What, no! there’s no guy, I’m just happy. That’s all!’

‘yeah sure, tell me when you’re ready’

‘Tay, there’s no boy okay, geez I’m just happy’

‘Okay okay’ She winked at me and went to class

Oh god, I hope she doesn’t ask again. I can’t tell her about my whole twitter life, she would just laugh at me. She’s my best friend but still, this is something I want to keep to myself.  What if somebody finds out and the bullying starts over again? No that can’t happen.

School was boring today and I just want to go home to spend some time on twitter. I waited so long for a follow and now that he actually follows me I can’t give up right? He said he still reads his DM’s so it’s worth a try.

The day was finally over. On the ride home Taylor kept asking questions which boy it was and if she knew him.

I kept saying there was no boy but she didn’t believe me. This girl.

When we finally arrived at my home I literally jumped out the car and ran to my room. I took my laptop and went straight to my DM’s.

Still no reply.



*Justin’s pov*

It was a normal Thursday and I was just chilling with my boys, playing NBA2K.

‘And the champ is back!’ I yelled.

‘Justin, it’s not fun anymore, you win all the time! Can’t you just go interact with your fans or something?’ Lil Za is looking at me with an annoying face

‘bro, chill it’s just a game and it’s not my fault that you suck in it.’

I hear the others laugh. ‘Anyway I’m out. Like you said I have to keep the fans happy.’

I left them behind and went to my room.

Let’s see, who will we notice today? I noticed a lot of people yesterday already. Maybe I should just check my DM’s.

Woow I’ll never get used to the numbers of messages I get.

I replied back to a couple of them. It’s all love. They know how to put a smile on my face.

I scrolled a little further and saw a DM from a belieber that I noticed yesterday. I remember her, she’s cute.

She already send me 2 things, maybe I should reply to her.

“Thank you so much for following me. I love you baby”

“No problem sweetie, love you too” yeah that’s good..

Man, she’s looks really pretty in that icon. 

It was getting late and had to be in the studio tomorrow so I went to bed. It was hard to fall asleep, that girl was on my mind the whole time. I'm thinking about her and I don't even know her name. maybe I should ask it the next time. Hopefully she'll answer soon.

I don't know what's happening to me but I feel like I have to get to know her...

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