My little secret

Emely is a 17 year old girl, she's really insecure and doesn't have much self-confidence.
She has this one thing that makes her happy, but that's just her little secret...


4. the reply

*Emely’s pov*

‘Emely! Emely! EMELY!! WAKE UP!’

My eyes shot open and I sat up immediately.

‘What’s happening?’

‘You overslept! Taylor will be here in 5 minutes!’

‘WHAT? But how’s that possible? My alarm-‘

And that’s when I remembered. I forget to set my alarm yesterday because I was waiting for a reply from Justin. I must have fallen asleep.


I rushed in to my bathroom and got changed. I grabbed some food and ran over to Tay’s car.

‘hi babe, sorry that I’m late, I overslept’

‘no problem girl… so you’re gonna tell me about that boy?’

Urgh here we go again. ‘Tay, there’s no boy, are you deaf or something?’

‘no just curious’

This girl drives me crazy. Deep inside I want to tell her but she’ll just make fun of me and tell everybody. I know her good enough to know that she can’t keep a secret.

My thoughts got interrupted by Taylor, we were already at school. Because of me we were late so I grabbed my bag and ran to my first class. It was half way through my second class that I realized I forgot my phone at home.


Now I can’t check if Justin replied to me. Probably not. He’s too busy to notice an ugly, fat girl like me.

School was boring as hell and without my phone I couldn’t do anything but pay attention. I hate this.

The last bell finally rung and ran to Tay’s car. She wasn’t there. I waited a couple of minutes but she still wasn’t there and I couldn’t text here. The parking lot was almost empty but Taylor still wasn’t there. I decided to walk home, it’s not that far and I really wanted to get my phone.

After 15 minutes I finally arrived at my house.

‘Hey mom, I home!’

‘hi hunny, what took you so long?’

‘I couldn’t find Taylor and I couldn’t text her because I forgot my phone so I just walked home’

‘Ow, maybe you should text Taylor now because she might be worried about you now.’

‘yeah I was about to do that.’

I ran op to my room and grabbed my phone. My screen was full with mentions. People were still congratulating me. When I scrolled through them I saw one other thing:

He. Replied. To. Me.

‘AAAAAAAAAAHHH’ Omg I can’t believe this!

‘Hunny, what’s wrong? Are you okay?’ My mom ran into my room.

Shit. What do I say?

‘ yeah mom, I’m fine. It was just a spider.’  ‘hunny, you can’t scare me like that.’ ‘sorry mom, you know I’m afraid of spiders’

Please just leave my room so I can read his reply..

‘okay I’m in the kitchen. I’ll give a call when dinner’s ready.’


She finally left my room. 

I opened my Dm and I think I stopped breathing.

“No problem sweetie, love you too” I kept reading it like I did with his tweet. Can’t believe he replied me.

Should I answer him?

He read this so maybe he’ll read the next one too.. 

"i can't believe you actually replied to me! I love you so much Justin. thank you for noticing me" 

It's corny but I don't know what else to say. I'm still in shock. The past 3 days have been the best in my whole life. 

I hope he'll reply again...



What happend to Taylor?


Will Justin reply??


Hope you like it so far.. please leave your thoughts

love y'all



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