Kiss Me Under The Hazel Tree (A one direction fan fic)

Kylie McCann was your typical 15 year old girl. She went to school, had a group of friends, got good grades. She had a happy family at home, a big house she didn't have a care in the world. Until her favourite boy-band come to play nearby and little does she know it would turn her life upside down...


4. so we meet again

~At the Concert~

Kylies P.O.V

We watch them run onto the stage. "Hello Everyone!" Shouts Liam and the girls go crazy. They sing all the songs off their new album and when its time to go I could swear I saw Niall looking for someone. Awww, one of his friends or family must have come to watch the show! It was time for everyone to leave except for us. Azzi and me walk up the stairs to a security guard who points us the direction to which we should go. We followed his directions until we finally reached a door where we could hear voices. Very familiar voices. I push down the handle and open the door.

Nialls P.O.V

I couldnt wait until the concert was over. I could finally see that girl again! I kept trying to find her, all week but she never went back to that ice-cream parlour. Harry finally shouts goodnight and we are off. I run into the changing room wanting to change my shirt as it probably smelt of sweat but I couldnt find my second shirt. I walked around shirtless as the boys collapsed on the floor. Then I hear the door open and I turn around. I feel the colour rushing to my cheeks as its the girl. THE girl! Just then I see my shirt on the chair next to her. "Looking for something," her friend says as she picks up my shirt. The girl just blushes and looks to the floor grinning. Well, this isn't the way I thought we would be meeting again.

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