Kiss Me Under The Hazel Tree (A one direction fan fic)

Kylie McCann was your typical 15 year old girl. She went to school, had a group of friends, got good grades. She had a happy family at home, a big house she didn't have a care in the world. Until her favourite boy-band come to play nearby and little does she know it would turn her life upside down...


22. out of hosptial

Azzies P.O.V

My mum came to see me this morning and sign all the documents and papers but then left as she knew i wanted to be with my friends for today as its my first day out of hospital. We are all meeting up at the ice-cream parlour where me and Kylie ususally go after school on a friday. Me, Kylie, the boys and we are meeting up with 3 of me and Kylies friends Lara, Shannon and Becky. They are massive directioners and dont know yet about us being this close to them. They know that we had backstage passes and met them cause we told them of course but this will be a massive surprise. Im sooo excited and Harry can pick up on it. "Calm down babe," he says and sits down laughing. He brought me a giant bag of maltesers today and i start eating them. Its my breakfast and im not really hungry but I love chocolate and eat them anyway.

Harrys P.O.V

Haha, shes so cute when shes excited and I brought her favourite outfit to wear as she can finally get out of that hospital gown. I brought her bright green leggings and batman top. I also brought her a present. Some batman vans to go with it. As she gets changed she comes out in her socks realising she has no shoes when i hand them too her. She squeals. "Oh My God! They are AMAZING!" She says. She throws them on and does a little tap dance. I clap. "Well someone is definately feeling better," I say with a chuckle.

Kylies P.O.V

Im waiting outside the hospital wing when I see the boys come in. Niall comes and gives me a kiss. "Carrot buddy!" I hear and see louis running towards me. He picks me up and wirls me around. Its like old times. "Lou Lou!" I say and laugh. Maybe it was just a dream yesterday but im willing to forget it anyway. Azzie comes out in her favourite outfit plus a pair of new vans. "KYLIE!" "AZZIE!" We run and give eachother a big hug as ive been trying to give her time with harry so we havnt really been together much. "Right!" she says, "Lets get out of here!" And we all link arms and waltz out of the hospital hoping it would be our last time in there.

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