Kiss Me Under The Hazel Tree (A one direction fan fic)

Kylie McCann was your typical 15 year old girl. She went to school, had a group of friends, got good grades. She had a happy family at home, a big house she didn't have a care in the world. Until her favourite boy-band come to play nearby and little does she know it would turn her life upside down...


23. Ice-Cream Parlour

Louis P.O.V

I decided to forget yesterday and thankfully so has Kylie. Things are all back to normal now. We take off in Harrys car with Azzie in the passenger seat, me, Kylie and Niall in the backseat and Liam and Zayn in the boot where there is 3 pull out seats. We arrive at the Ice-Cream Parlour and Azzie spots her three friends Shannon, Becky and Lara. "right!" Azzie says turning around to us. "Me and Kylie will go and get the ice-cream while you boys go and sit next to them," she says nodding towards the window where they were sitting. We all agree and Azzie takes our orders of ice-cream down on a piece of paper. "and by the way Liam," she says, "Yes?" asks Liam. " suggest you go and sit next to Lara, your her favourite. Shes the one with the short blonde hair," "Haha, ok," he says with a wink and we all get out of the car. Kylie and Azzie go and get the ice-cream while me and lads go and sit in the booth with the girls. We sneak up and slide into the booth and when they realise its us they cant say anything. Lara squeals and hugs liam while the other two Becky and shannon go mad on zayn and harry. Me and Niall just sit there laughing. Then Kylie and Azzie walk over laughing. "Azzie! Kylie! Where have you been!" They scream giving them hugs. "Um, its a really long story," says kylie laughing and begins from when they met us from the concert. After it all we had gotten through about 3 bowls of ice-cream each. Then we all heard a hoot outside and Shannon stands up. "Well, thats my sister. It was great meeting you guys," she says and we all give her a hug. I look outside and see one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I see her looking at me and then shannon gives her a hug. She looks back up and I wink at her. She smiles and blushes then gets back in her car and drives off. Woah.

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