Kiss Me Under The Hazel Tree (A one direction fan fic)

Kylie McCann was your typical 15 year old girl. She went to school, had a group of friends, got good grades. She had a happy family at home, a big house she didn't have a care in the world. Until her favourite boy-band come to play nearby and little does she know it would turn her life upside down...


11. Best day ever

Kylies P.O.V

After about an hour of driving around we finally got a hotel, Harry drives into the underground car park, we all jump out and go to the elevator and go to the desk to get rooms.

Azzies P.O.V

We finally got a hotel, and because Louis is the oldest he went to book our rooms. "Hello there how may i help out," the woman at the desk said ,"hello there! would i be able to book 3 rooms please" Louis said in a very confident voice trying to act mature. I look at Kylie and the both of us giggles "yes ok" the lady said and gave us each a key and told us our rooms are on the 8th floor.  "I'M SHARING WITH KYLIE !!!!!" I scream and they all giggle. We all race over to the elevator. We got to the 8th floor and Kylie and Louis start to race up and down the hall jumping up and down and laughing. Zayn, Niall and Liam were in the middle whispering and talking and harry and I were a bit behind talking quietly as well. We found our rooms and said our good nights and went into our rooms. Me and Kylie just flopped on our beds and started to laugh. After like 5 minutes of laughing we creep into bed and doze off to sleep.

 I wake up to a light knock on my door. I looked at my phone it was 3 in the morning. I decide to get up and slowly walk to the door. I looked out the little window on the door and i see Harry. i jump up and down with excitement. He starts to knock harder so i open the door and Louis runs in and started to jump on Kylies bed, waking her up. Then the other boys run in too. I jump onto my bed with Zayn and jump from her bed to mine and sit beside Liam and Harry, Niall and Louis went to kylies bed and we started messing around and laughing. Before I knew it my eyes started to get heavy so I rest my head on Zayns shoulder and started to fall asleep.

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