My Thoughts

Random stuff I guess and like in the title "my thoughts". I just like to ramble sometimes. :)


4. #4

I am a forgetful person. There is always something I'm missing. I hate it when I forget things. Anyway yesterday I forgot my purse in a store (luckily I found it right after I noticed) and now today I almost forgot my phone at my boyfriend's car after he just dropped me off back home. I felt so bad when he had to come back to give me my phone. I have no idea what is wrong with me. I just need to be more careful I guess. The purse thing at least I don't have credit cards or anything that was too important, but usually I carry just my wallet in my pocket and I'm good. Sadly one time it did fall out of my tiny little pockets (heh). So yeah if you feel like you lose stuff or forget stuff don't worry. Your not the only one.
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