My Thoughts

Random stuff I guess and like in the title "my thoughts". I just like to ramble sometimes. :)


11. #11

I think I've never been this tired in my life... When I got home from school I passed out for almost three hours still in my uniform. It was a fun day though. I got to see my friends and yes I was tackled hugged today by one of my best friends. I seemed to always get tackled though and I don't know why, ha-ha. Anyway I've had no ideas for poems or stories lately. I've been drawing and wondering if I should start painting, but I'm not even sure if I would be as good as a painter. Feel like I'd mess up too much to be able to paint a picture. I do like taking pictures though of nature. It's always fun to capture the beauty of flowers or animals. One time I was taking a picture of a white flower (forgot the name), but it took me a couple of days to realize there was a bee pollinating the flower in the photo and it really made me happy. I just think it was funny I never noticed until a few days went by. :)

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