Day dreamer

About an Australian girl who follows her dream and meets the love of her life. Will they end up together?

I want this stories to be very musical. So ill put a song title or lyrics (look it up on YouTube)


17. Unravelled Secrets

Meeka's POV

We get home at about 6pm. On the way back we both stopped at Nando's  for dinner. By the time we got home, everyone was there. They were all watching TV. Niall settled on the couch with everyone. "Where's Emily?" I ask them all. "Upstairs" Sarah answers back.  I walk up and knock on her door. In a few seconds I hear her tell me to come in. As I walk into her room I notice that she is packing up all her things. " Emily what's happened?" I ask her worriedly. "They are all BIG FAT LIARS" she screams. "Calm down, what's going on Emily?" "I found a safe. Inside we're passports. The passports of the 5 members of 'One Direction'." She says a bit calmer. "And...?," I ask," what's so bad about passports. "They're different. Instead of their normal names, their names are different. The pictures are also slightly different." She continues. "Niall's name is Nicholas Hutton. Zayn's name is Zachary Messer. Harry's name is Hayden Silver. Louis' name is Lucas Teal and Liam's name is Lachlan Princeton." She can't be serious! She then pulls out the passports. Emily isn't lying! "What do we do?" I ask. Emily just sits there and shakes her head. "Emily? Can I sleep in here with you tonight? I'm scared!" I ask. She nods.

Niall's POV

The show that we were watching finished so I went upstairs to check on Meeka and Emily. I notice that Meeka isn't in her room, so I knock on Emily's door. Meeka then comes out. Her eyes are red and puffy. She's been crying. "I'm sorry Niall. I can't do this. I can't have you lie to me like this. Emily and I will leave by the end of the week" she says trying not to cry. "Meeka" I yell as she shuts the door to Emily's room. I wonder why she's so upset. I can't help but cry. I think I'm falling in love with her. I grab my guitar and sit against the door as I start singing and strumming. {You're Beautiful by James Blunt} She opens the door and sits down beside me. " I think we need to talk" she says to me. I nod and we walk into  her room. "Emily found something. She found your passport. In a safe. She found the other 4 passports as well. Can you please explain?" She asks. I knew Emily was up to something. "Ok, I'll start from the beginning. Before X-factor, the Boys and I all knew Simon Cowell. The boys and I had, been in a bit of… trouble. We were all friends. We didn't know the difference between right and wrong. We were young. Then when we signed up to audition for 'the X-factor'. The company made us change our names and our family members names do that the press didn't think we were bad guys. We weren't bad guys. We aren't bad guys. The reason we don't tell people close to us, is so that the don't find out", I finish. "Then why do you still keep the passports?" She asks. I answer " We still need evidence of it all." I hope she understands. "What sort of trouble did you get into?" She asks me curiously. I shake my head 'no' and kiss her forehead. "Goodnight beautiful" I say before walking out the door. I walk downstairs and tell them all the Emily and Meeka know about identities.  I then go into Emily's room and explain the whole story to her. I finally go into my room and fall fast asleep.

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