Day dreamer

About an Australian girl who follows her dream and meets the love of her life. Will they end up together?

I want this stories to be very musical. So ill put a song title or lyrics (look it up on YouTube)


18. Research and Restaurants

Meeka's POV

I decide to stay in my room tonight. It's been about 3 hours since Niall told me the whole story. It makes me wonder, is it really the WHOLE story? What did they boys do? I grab my laptop out of my bag and turn it on. 'Nicholas Hutton' - 35 search results. I click on the first reference- it's and article about him, Zachary, Lucas, Lachlan and Hayden (the other boys). The article basically said that the 5 boys had raped and murdered a 20 year old girl named Annabelle Reeves. No. It can't be true! I click on the next result, it said that the 5 boys had been taken to court and had been pleaded non-guilty. Thank god! The next search result said that all boys are M.I.A (missing in action). I know the truth about that one. I close my laptop and fall asleep.   Naill's POV I open my eyes it's already 9am. I put my shirt on and walk downstairs and turn the tv on while I make breakfast for Meeka. I cook eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes and I make her and I a coffee. I put everything on a tray and take it upstairs for her. I slowly open her door and she's fast asleep. "Morning beautiful girl" I say as I place the tray on her beside table. Her eye flutter open. "What's this?" She asks me half asleep. "Breakfast. Toast, eggs, bacon, pancakes and coffee." I say as she sits up. I place the tray over her lap and then fluff her pillows. I then walk around to the other side of the bed and take a bite of toast. "Is it true? Did you really rape and murder that young girl?" She asks. I knew she'd research us. I shake up head no and say,  "Annabelle was my first crush, she and I had sex. Then someone, not us, sadly murdered her. In her autopsy, it showed that we had sex. So the press, doctors and others came to the conclusion that it was rape. The boys stood up for me so everyone thought they had murdered her. Meeka, that was about 4 years ago, it's the past. That is the truth" I say kissed her forehead. After we finish eating, we both get dressed and clean up. We both head downstairs and everybody is awake and dressed.   Charlie's POV Emily was upstairs and the rest of us were downstairs when Niall and Meeka . Meeka, Niall and Emily are all acting very weird. I feel Liam's strong arms wrap around my stomach, "You ok love?" He asks and I stare out the window. I nod yes. I'm not ok. "No your not" he says, "You look a little pale. Are you feeling ok?" "Yeah I'm fine, just hungry I think" I say as I walk over to the fridge an pull out an apple.

Emily's POV

I look at my phone. ~1 new message~ it's from Meeka. Hey Em, the boys had apparently raped and murdered a 20 year old girl about 4 years ago. Niall said it wasn't true. I really believe him. I hope it isn't true. I sort of really like Harry. It will never happen.

Harry's POV

I watch her as she swiftly walks down the stairs. God she's hot! "Hey. What are you doing tonight?" I ask her. "Nothing?! What's it to you Styles?" She snaps back at me. "I'm taking you on our on a date and I'm not taking no for answer! Go get ready!" I demand as she walks upstairs to get ready. "Emily! Hurry up!" I yell from downstairs. She comes down wearing a purple zip up dress. She dresses it up with a belt and jewellery. Her long brown hair is in a straight ponytail and her box fringe sits perfectly on her forehead. "You look…" I'm stunned. "Harry! Close your mouth! You'll catch flies!" She snaps as she playfully whacks her hand across my jaw. We walk out to the limo that is waiting to take us to the restaurant. After our main corse I look over the desert menu. "Hmm chocolate mud cake, raspberry cheesecake, mocha…" I ramble. "Can't we just skip desert and get straight to the sex?" Emily interrupts. "Check please" I holler at the waiter. We get home and go up into my room. She pulls off my shirt while I kiss her neck. She lets me take off her shirt. Pretty soon we are both naked. I lay her down on my bed and climb on top of her. My lips softly caress hers followed by my tongue. She welcomes me into her slowly but powerfully. She moans in pleasure. After we are finished, I go into the bathroom and take a cold shower. As go back into my room Emily isn't there. I'm exhausted from the amazing sex I just had so I lay down on the bed and fall into a deep sleep.


Sarah's POV

 As I get my hot chocolate and sit on the couch my favourite TV show is about to start. It's actually quite here for once. Meeka, Niall, Charlie and Liam are upstairs. Emily and Harry are out on a date and I don't know where Zayn and Louis are- but I don't really care because I'm watching my favourite show and it's nice and quiet. "What's this shit?", Zayn ask. "It's not shit! Shut up I'm trying to watch it!" I snap. I wish he'd disappear! He sits down beside me and takes a sip of my hot chocolate. I ignore him and keep watching my show. "BORING!", He yells, "NO ONE CARES!" "OMG Zayn! Shut the fuck up!" I scream back at him. I turn off the tv and give him a death state. "You better run!" I say with an evil tone. I chase him around the house. I finally catch up and jump onto his back. He somehow spins me around so we are face to face. I look into his big brown eyes and he leans into kiss me. I then tilt my head. Our lips gently graze. The kiss then deepens. It's more passionate. Wow.


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