Day dreamer

About an Australian girl who follows her dream and meets the love of her life. Will they end up together?

I want this stories to be very musical. So ill put a song title or lyrics (look it up on YouTube)


22. Lost for words

*About 7/8 months later*

Emily's POV

I wake up and look beside me, "Harry?!" I exclaim.Holy shit no! Just when things were good. I have the nursery all set up in my new apartment, I've started a online corse. Things are just great. Then when I have the baby next month, things will be perfect. Why is he even here? How did he even get in?

I feel a tear gently brush against my cheek. "I'm sorry love, I just really miss you. I... I", Harry responds as tear run down his face too. Sobs escape my mouth as I put my hand and over my expanded stomach. I feel Harry put his hand on mine. 'I want to help raise our baby", he says through tears and loud sobs. I'm lost for words so I just cry and nod 'yes'. I lean in towards Harry and lightly brush my lips against Harry's. As the kiss breaks I start to giggle, "What's wrong? Are you ok?."

"Didn't you feel him kick?" I ask

"Him? Its a him?" Harry says with more tears rushing down his face and I just nod 'yes' again. Still lost for words.

Meeka's POV

Charlie, Sarah and I all sit around on the couch and watch some weird British reality show. We hear someone trying to open the door and before we know it Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn come through towards us. I run up to Niall and give him the biggest and deepest kiss. Charlie runs up to Liam and Sarah runs up to Zayn. We haven't seen the boys for just over 6 months because they have been on tour. "Where's Harry?", I ask the boys.

They all give each other strange looks and then Louis finally answers, "Erm well, Harry decided to go visit Emily and stay with her until the baby comes."

"He is so lucky!", Sarah replies.

I honestly think all 7 of us want to be down in Australia with Emily, Harry and the new addition. I have an Idea.

I help Niall take his suitcase up into our room. "I missed you beautiful", he says as he starts kissing my neck.

"Hmm I missed you too, and your amazing kisses!" I say back before I receive a passionate kiss from Naill. "I have a really good idea that I want to... discuss with you."

"What is it?" he asks in response

"Well", I begin, "I think it'd be really cool if we could go to Australia to visit Emily and Harry and to be there when the baby is born. We could stay with my dad because he only lives around the corner. What you think?"

"That would be awesome! I'll go call my travel agent and you should call your dad. Oh, and don't tell Emily or Harry."

I pull out my phone and call my dad. "Hey Daddy."

Charlies POV

I look over at him. It feels amazing to have him home. He is still sound asleep so I decide to go out for a run. Its about 7am on a Monday morning so everyone is on their way to work. When I got back from this trip I was supposed to go to University (college) to study music and dance. But since my stay has been extended by almost a year, I have a feeling that won't happen.

I pass a café and buy some coffee for Liam and I. I open up the door and Liam is still asleep- surprise- I shake him to try wake him up but he just lays there. "Someone Help! Call an ambulance!" I yell as I see everyone appear at the door. Louis and Zayn try giving him CPR while Niall calls the ambulance. I cry in terror while the girls try to comfort me.

Nialls POV

"Hey Nate. Yeah I'm good, what about you? Cool. Well, I was just wondering if you could get two tickets to Australia for me? Ok thanks. Bye." I hang up the phone and rush back into my room. Meeka is sitting on the bed in deep conversation with someone on the phone. She hangs up and I ask, "Who was that?"

"It was my grandma? Do you mind if we visit her while we are down? I really miss her", she asks.

"Yeah sure! I booked our flights. We leave in 5 days!", I finish and her eyes light up.

We get into our pyjamas and pull the blankets u over our bodies. I hold her close against my chest and kiss her forehead. "I love you with my whole heart and more Meeks" I quietly whisper in her ear. I don't get a response, all I get is a cute little snore. I know she is mine forever and ever.

I wake up to Charlie screaming for help. Meeka and I race into Liam and Charlies room only to find that Liam is laying on their bed unconscious. I call an ambulance and then make my way downstairs to wait for their arrival.

They carry Liam out and put him into the ambulance while the rest of us go to the hospital in the limo. the ride is quiet and despairing. We don't know what to expect.

We wait in the waiting room for at least 3 hours. A doctor then comes out and informs us that he is in surgery because someone had hit him on the head with a heavy item. He is unconscious and has internal bleeding in his brain. None of us knew the outcome but we were all hopeful.

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