Day dreamer

About an Australian girl who follows her dream and meets the love of her life. Will they end up together?

I want this stories to be very musical. So ill put a song title or lyrics (look it up on YouTube)


39. Gone with the wind


Emily’s POV

“But Meeka, It’s been nearly three years!” I say into the phone

“I know. I’m really sorry! I just really need to be there for my family.” She says shakily

“Just bring them back to London! They can stay with me or Charlie or Sarah”

“I can’t just pack up and leave Em!” she says angrily.

“Just because your dad died doesn’t mean you have to take out on me!” I hear the line drop dead and wipe the tears from my eyes. Why did I do that?

Georgia is now 3 and she is walking and talking. She goes to childcare 3 days a week while I attend university. I’m studding English. We have moved into a small house with Louis. We have been on and off for the past few months.

Liam’s POV

Ronan is almost 3. He’s such an amazing kid!

 I love his little laugh.

The other week he was running up and down the hallway trying to be a super hero. He always leaves his toy cars and favourite plastic dinosaurs on the kitchen floor. Charlie and I always tell him we love him to the moon and back and he says the same.

He has the biggest blue eyes, just like Charlie. Before bedtime we always dance together and the next morning he jumps on me to wake me up.

He’s my little man J

I heard Charlie says to him after we found out he had leukaemia “C’mon baby with me, we’re going to fly away, from here. Out of this curtained room and this hospital grey, we’ll just disappear”.

He doesn’t usually cry but when he does, you always know something is up.  Every morning Charlie picks out his clothes from his cupboard and talks to him. It’s adorable.  He’s growing up so fast. He is a miracle.

Charlie is 4 months pregnant with twins. Life as a dad and husband is treating me so well.

Our wedding was beautiful.

Sarah’s POV

In the last 3 years, I have travelled all over the world. It has been a great experience and a great detox from all the bullshit I went through with Zayn and everyone else. I’m back in London and I’ve been thinking about starting a job here.

Zayn has gone to jail for everything he did to me. So ‘One Direction’ broke up. They have all moved on and started other jobs and are really settling down. I’m 22 and I have no clue what to do with my life. I really need some help.

Harry’s POV

“Thank you LA”, I yell into the microphone.

I walk off stage and think about the boys. I miss them. I exhale and check their twitter accounts. Liam posted things about Ronan, Louis posted things about Em and Georgia, and Niall hasn’t posted anything in 9 months.

I retire into the chair left in my dressing room. My phone buzzes and an unknown number comes up. I click view and read it

You know you’re not getting framed right? You killed her Harry. Or should I say Hayden? X

A strange feeling boils in my gut and I sit up in horror. Is this legit?

Niall’s POV

To: Meeka

You left without a warning.

You left without a goodbye.

I understand why, my heart breaks for you.

You don’t return my calls- you don’t text me back.

I love you so much!

Hope you’re ok.

From Niall xx


From: Meeka

I miss you so much!

I love you more than love itself, even more than I love your hot body. You’re the most beautiful thing alive and I miss being able to call you mine. I’m coming back to London. Can we meet up? X

To: Meeka

Of course!

R.I.P to Wade, Bronte and your amazing dad!

 I love you Meeks xox



Meeka’s POV

I haven’t even cried. I can’t cry. I have to look after Hannah and Ellie and Nugget. Luke, my other brother, lives with his girlfriend and is now totally fine with everything.

Ellie is now 14, Nugget is 8 and Hannah is almost 13. Hannah was in the accident as well although she only broke a few bones.

My other sister, Bronte, died instantly and so did my other brother wade. My Dad was in a coma for a few weeks but he sadly passed away.

One of the hardest things has been living without Niall. I miss him so much L

I miss my dad more though. I just really wish I could still call him up to chat about whatever really.

He was the only one who got me through my mums death. I don’t know how to get over this.

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