Day dreamer

About an Australian girl who follows her dream and meets the love of her life. Will they end up together?

I want this stories to be very musical. So ill put a song title or lyrics (look it up on YouTube)


11. Going back

Meeka's POV

We hear our flight announced and say goodbye too One Direction. Charlie and I give them hugs. I hug Zayn, then Louis, Harry, Liam. I look over at Niall. "Come here beautiful", he walks over and gives me a hug. I look at his big blue eyes, he looks into mine. He leans in and kisses me. "I'll see you soon, ok?" he says. I nod with tear-filled eyes. We will be back!

We arrive back in Australia. Charlie and I collect our bags and go meet my dad. I really missed him. I see him from across the room. "DAD!" I scream excitedly! I drop my bags and run over to him.

On the way home we drop Charlie off at her house. I get home and unpack my bag and get some sleep.

Niall POV

I miss the girls. I, I miss Meeka. Our kiss was... amazing. I hope she comes back. I hope she's ok. I hope she likes me just as much as I like her. Which is a lot.



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