Day dreamer

About an Australian girl who follows her dream and meets the love of her life. Will they end up together?

I want this stories to be very musical. So ill put a song title or lyrics (look it up on YouTube)


38. Exhaustion


Meeka’s POV

I look into Emily’s tear-filled eyes and walk over toward Niall’s guitar.  I sit back down in my chair across from Emily and start playing and singing.

(‘Too Beautiful’ by ‘He is we’ Lyrics)

“I love you Meeka”, Em whispers as I lay the guitar down and give her a hug.

“Love you too”, I smile.

“Are you sure that it’s ok Georgia and I stay here?” she asks.

“Yeah! Definitely!”

“Thank you!” she says.

“Ok, well make your selves at home. I’m going to pick Ellie up from the airport”

“Thanks Meeka”

I walk over to gate21 and wait for Ellie’s plane to arrive. I feel a familiar feeling of nausea bubble up in my body. I feel a warm fluid in my mouth and try swallowing it although it comes out of my mouth. The bulge of red fluid sits on the floor in a puddle. A weep escapes my mouth and I try to wipe up the mess will a spear tissue and put it in the bin.

“Flight 32 landed”, I hear a man announce over the PA system.

I stand up as a crowd of people come toward us. The crowd passes and a young girl stands looking around confused, Ellie. I smile as she come over and gives me a hug. “Hey kiddo, let go get your bags”

Charlie’s POV

I strap Ronan into his travel capsule and put him into the car. I can’t wait to get home! Liam helps me up into the car and drives us home.

I walk through the doors of our 6 bedroom house and the aroma of vanilla fills my nostrils. “Good to be home?” Liam asks.

I nod ‘yes’ and put our sleeping baby into his basinet. “I’m going to lay down”, I call downstairs to Liam.

I walk into my bedroom and collapse on the bed. I have a feeling this exhaustion will last a while.

Louis POV

 “This isn’t the right thing to be doing!” I exclaim.

“Party pooper! C’mon! please? For me?” she says as she twinkles her eyes.

I nod and embrace her in a hug.


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