Day dreamer

About an Australian girl who follows her dream and meets the love of her life. Will they end up together?

I want this stories to be very musical. So ill put a song title or lyrics (look it up on YouTube)


20. Charlie and the chocolate factory

Emily's POV

I walk downstairs into the kitchen and open up the fridge. I grab out a bar of chocolate and walk back up into my room. I turn my TV on and flick through the channels. There isn't anything on so I pull out my phone and check Facebook, Instagram, twitter and my messages. I take a bite of the chocolate and hear a knock on my door. "Come in," I call. As the door opens I see Louis standing behind the door. "Hey Em, can I come in?", Louis says as he makes his way into my room. I nod and take another bite of chocolate as he comes and sits down on my bed.  "What's wrong?", he asks as I burst into tears. He wraps me in his arms. "Louis? I-I-I'm pr-eg," more sobs escape my mouth. "It will be alright love, I promise," he comforts me as I cry. After I pull myself together I explain to Louis that it Harry's. "I think you just need to tell Harry," he suggests. "But Louis, I'm going back to Australia early next week", I say. After we talk for a little while longer, Louis leaves and I fall asleep.

Liam's POV

As 'Toy Story 3' is nearly finished when I notice Charlie is laying next to me in a deep slumber. I grab my phone and quickly run down stairs. I pull up the number for 'Cadbury World', a chocolate factory . "Hi, Liam Payne from 'One Direction'. Good thanks. Could I please book a private tour of the factory tomorrow at 9am. Ok thank you love. Bye. I walk back upstairs and pull the covers up over Charlie and climb into the bed beside her.   I wake up and it's about 6:30am. I can't wait until Charlie and I go to the Chocolate Factory today. I get up out of bed and go take a quick shower. I get out brush my teeth and get dressed. I then sneak around the bed to the bed where Charlie is laying I shake her shoulder, "Babe, wake up!" She moans and rolls over. "Charlie! Babe it's time to get up". I say as her eyes open. I give her a peck on the cheek. "Go have a shower and get ready I have a surprise for you".  She gets up out of bed and slumps over to the shower. I quickly run downstairs and make her some Nutella on toast to get her in the 'chocolately mood'.

Charlie's POV

I shuffle off into the shower. I condition my strawberry blonde hair and wash my body. I get out and wrap myself in a towel while I brush my teeth. I grab my black leggings, my white singlet and my red jumper. I pull my hair up into a high pony tail and grab my boots from the cupboard. I grab my phone and head down into the kitchen. After some breakfast Li and I are on our way to, to wherever we are going. It takes us about 45mins to get there. We pull up outside a big factory. "What's this?" I ask Liam. "A chocolate factory," he replies. A smile is instantly on my face. I love chocolate! The tour guide shows us how and where they make chocolate and many other interesting things. My favourite part was when Liam and I actually got to make chocolate. On the way home Liam asked the Limo driver to stop at the shops. I waited in the car while Liam went to get some things. Although he wouldn't say what. We pull up outside the house. Liam swings his door open and rushes over to my door. "On my back", he demands as I jump up onto his back. In his mouth is the bag of miscellaneous items. As we approach the door he bends down a bit allowing me to open the door for us both. He runs into the kitchen and puts the bag down on the counter, then he races upstairs with me still on his back. He carefully throws me on his bed and runs back downstairs. A few moments later he comes back up into his room again. But this time he has bowls and a DVD. He puts in the player, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. I cant help but giggle. The bowls are full with lollies, chocolates and other sweet treats. Whenever there's a song on, Li and I cant help but sing. The lollies are gone within minutes.

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