Lifes pretty hard when your own mum doesn't trust you to look after yourself, and a friend your own age, but after this weekend, Hayley will be thanking her mum she even got a babysitter...


10. Time to clean...

"Ok, but before we go, do you want us to help clean?" Niall asked, giving Sam a wink.

"Uhm... OBVIOUSLY!!!!" I shouted at Niall, obviously joking.

"Oh, ok then, lets clean." Sam enthusiastically but sarcastically said.

"Ok then, i'll mop, Sam, you'll have a shower, Niall, you will have a shower too, AFTER SAM!! Harry and Liam, youse will wipe the benches, and Zayn and Louis, youse will vaccume before I mop, ok?" I made a list for us to do. "Yep" they all replied in unison.

I put my iPod on the dock, and started cleaning.

--1/2 an hour later--

"FINALLY! I CAN REST MY FEET!" Niall complained, "But you didnt even clean..." Added Sam, "Well it does hurt your feet when you have to stand in the shower and milo out of your hair!" Niall shouted, "I thought you seen the shampoo and conditioner in the shower..." I added, "What! SHIT! Thats bullshit! I used soap to get that stuff out of my hair!"Niall fustratedly yelled, "Sorry..." I apologized.

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