Lifes pretty hard when your own mum doesn't trust you to look after yourself, and a friend your own age, but after this weekend, Hayley will be thanking her mum she even got a babysitter...


4. Suprise, suprise

Louis's POV:


I have been here for five and a half hours, and I'm truly, madly, deeply inlove with Hayley, her beautiful long brown hair, those hazel eyes, she is just perfect in every way! I just don't know how to tell her... its getting dark so maybe I can slide into bed with her... but that wont be smooth... how bout I ASK  if I can sleep with her, nice I'll try that...


Hayley's POV:


Its getting real late and Lou suggested we get ready for bed Sam agrees so do I, but there is one thought stuck in my head... Where is Louis gonna sleep?  I hope he asks and doesn't just sleep on the lounge I would be happy to do that, anything for a mega-hot lets say teenage-sitter.


Sam's POV:


Its getting late, and I'm feeling left out, I mean Hayley's got a crush on Lou, Lou's got a crush on Hayley, and I've got no one, but now I've got a solution, "Hey Louis, why don't you bring some friends over tomorrow?" nice one Sam! "Eeeh sure why not now?" How am I supposed to answer this, will it be alright with Hayley?


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