Lifes pretty hard when your own mum doesn't trust you to look after yourself, and a friend your own age, but after this weekend, Hayley will be thanking her mum she even got a babysitter...


7. Pancake time!

(A/N: Hey guys, I havnt updated in a while, cause my old computer cracked the shits and decided to muck up, and I have no clue in the world how to write movellas on an ipod, but im using my mums laptop at the moment, so lets carry on with le story!)

"The pancakes are ready." Sam and I explained in unison, then the next thing we know, we are practically getting tackled by theboys! "Woah, hold up, step back." Sam said, with a struggle, the boys backed away, and the plate was empty.  .-. The boys gave us a puppy-face, "More...?" Wimpered Harry. " Sorry, that was the last of them." I said. "AND WE DIDNT GET ANY!" Sam yelled, while trying to stop herself from laughing, "Wheres the drink?" Complained Liam, "Oh I'll g-get some, can someone co-" Sam was cut off by Niall, "I will." Smiled Niall.


(A/N: sorry its so short! I will update again VERY soon, I already know whats gonna happen. ;) Youse are gonna be in for a HUGE suprise.)

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