Lifes pretty hard when your own mum doesn't trust you to look after yourself, and a friend your own age, but after this weekend, Hayley will be thanking her mum she even got a babysitter...


9. Get a room!

Hayleys POV


"They sure are taking a long time to get the drink," complained Liam, "from the amount of time they've been in there, they could be cooking a cake!"

"Yeah, lets go check on them." Stated Harry, while he proudly, stomped to the kitchen, with the three other boys followed him, to be honest, it looked like they were playing follow the leader...

*TXT MSG from: Mumsy*

  -Are you okay?

Yes mum, i'm fine-

-Okay, I just wanted to check on you, sam, and louis

Yeah, we're ok, is it alright if Louis invites 3 or 4 friends over?-

-Yep, do what ever you like...JUST NO PARTIES!

K mum, i'm going now bye xoxo-

-Ok darl, bye xoxo

"EWWW!" I could hear Zayn yelling in disgust. "What is so 'ew' in there?" I asked, desperatly wanting to know, what was so disgusting. "Well, come have a look!" Liam invited me too the kitchen. "OH MY GOOOSH!!!" I yelled, "MY MUM IS GOING TO KILL ME IF WE DON'T CLEAN THIS UP!"

"Thats not the 'ew' was about," Laughed Harry, "the 'ew' was that they were kissing!!!"

"Oooh, la, la," I said causing the others to giggle, "whats cooking in the kitchen?" I cheekishly asked.

"You do know, that we were... WAITING FOR OUR DRINK!!" Yelled Liam, trying to stop himself from laughing, "AND THERE ARE OTHER ROOMS YOU KNOW!"


I know with the texting, he already invited the boys over, it was just incase the mum sain no, then i would've kicked them staight out, well not really.



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