Lifes pretty hard when your own mum doesn't trust you to look after yourself, and a friend your own age, but after this weekend, Hayley will be thanking her mum she even got a babysitter...


8. Fizzy in the kitchen

Sams POV


"So, I heard you guys are kind of a big deal..." I said, trying to see how Niall would react, "What do you mean 'big deal'?" questioned Niall, putting air quotations around the words 'big deal', "Oh, come on, you what I mean by big deal."

"Well, yeah, I guess we kind of hot, but its not that much of a big deal, so, yeah."

"Well, youse are the BIGGEST BOY BAND IN THE WORLD! ANNND YOUSE ARE ALL HOT!" I think I exaggerated a bit, but, oh well.

"Yeah, but it gets annoying with all the girls screaming 'OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!!' or 'I LOVE YOU!' but yeah its really cool being in the 'biggest boy band in the world' as you would say"

"Well, we better get the drink, they might be thirsty."

"Yeah, but right after THIS!" Niall shouted, while throwing flour ALL OVER ME! "Oh, no, you just messed with the wrong chick!!!" I yelled and poured milo all over him, "We better clean this up, shouldn't we?" I asked, "Yeah..." That was when Niall leaned in too kiss, I automatically jumped onto him, smashing my lips into his, we stood in the kitchen passionatly kissing for a very long time.

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