Harry Styles Roleplay

Hi im Harry Styles x .

Okay so you guys might think this is weird but i dont think so at all . ! this is just a roleplay(:


1. instructions.

hello guys so , basically this is just a harry styles roleplay book , you see what you do is you comment on what you want to roleplay about and i pretend the be harry .

People do this on tumblr and i wanted to be different and do it on here ! and if this goes out planned ill do the other boys as well ! 

so ready set lets go !

oh and by the way this is going to be done in the comments so be sure to check back everyday to see if ive replied or should i say if harry replied (:


Love you all x

Example - Your insecure and Harry comforts you . 

You - *walks into room looking upset* hey .

Me - * sees your upset and walks over to you * how was your day love.


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