Paper Airplane.

"Why would you waste your time with a girl. ike me? I am not good and I never will be." I said pushing myself off his chest.
"That's why I'm here. All you see is the darkness. I'm here to show you the l ight." He said, in a low raspy voice. He grabbed my arm pulling me back down on top of his chest. "People say paper airplanes can't fly, but we'll prove them wrong."
Alice Haven. The girl that had every guy on their knees and every girl wanting to be her. Every girl except for herself.
Alice is a songwriter. She puts her heart and soul out in every song she writes. Nobody knew the truth behind the lyrics she wrote. They thought it was just well done writing.

Until a few boy sees through her rebel look. She thinks she's broken, unfixable.
Is she right?


4. More Information!!

Okay so that was the first chapter :) Hope you enjoy it. I have high hopes for this fanfic. As I say again, ill be updating regularly in mid-late July. I might update sooner if I see that a good amount of people are wanting more. Also, ill be using other people songs. I OWN NOTHING ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE OWNER. I swear if I see someone comment "heyy that's someone else song" Im going to throw you off a cliff :) ill be using quite a lot of Demi Lovato she's just an amazing artist! #RipPatrickLovato My heart goes out to you Demi <3 .....anyway...... So vote, comment, favorite, like anything! See you in July! Or sooner :)
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