Paper Airplane.

"Why would you waste your time with a girl. ike me? I am not good and I never will be." I said pushing myself off his chest.
"That's why I'm here. All you see is the darkness. I'm here to show you the l ight." He said, in a low raspy voice. He grabbed my arm pulling me back down on top of his chest. "People say paper airplanes can't fly, but we'll prove them wrong."
Alice Haven. The girl that had every guy on their knees and every girl wanting to be her. Every girl except for herself.
Alice is a songwriter. She puts her heart and soul out in every song she writes. Nobody knew the truth behind the lyrics she wrote. They thought it was just well done writing.

Until a few boy sees through her rebel look. She thinks she's broken, unfixable.
Is she right?


6. Chapter 3

"One Direction." What the hell? Are they serious? Or am I being punk'd? Okay Ashton Kutcher! You can come out now! I realized that I've been standing here looking stupid for the past five minutes. They weren't joking. "Alice, are you alright?" Simon asked me. A look of worry was on his face. "Uh, yeah.. I was just thinking." I answered. I step out the room and took the elevator down to the first floor. Once I step outside I pull out my iPhone and call the last number in my call log. "Hello?" "Ed?" I asked the unfamiliar voice that answered his phone. "No, love. This is not Ed. He's currently massaging my feet after losing a bet." The voice that sounded familiar finished with a laugh. "Hand me the phone Harry!" A voice, Eds. Told I'm guessing the other voice was Harry. What the hell?! Why are these boys in my life all the time all of a sudden? I listen to the phone shuffle, I'm guessing he handed Ed the phone. "Hello, Alice! May I ask why you are calling? I thought you had a meeting with SYCO?" Ed asked me with a sarcastic voice laughing at his questions. "Um, yeah...its over.. You know don't you?" I asked him. He must know that I got stuck with One Direction. He knew I despised them. "Of course! Mr.Styles right here came and told me! Sucks for you doesn't it?" I heard laughter from the other end. They were laughing at me. Harry must of known that I was going to write for him. Dick didn't even bother telling me when I saw him at the party. "Fuck off, Ed." I told him. I pulled the phone away from my ear clicking end. Hearing Ed final pleas on me not to hang up, " Come on Alice! I was just joking!" Click. That's how me and Ed were. We'd fight then a couple hours later we would talk like nothing happened. So he shouldn't mind my words to him. I stepped foot in my cream colored Range Rover and turned my radio on. Heart attack by Demi came on. I smirked to myself, I wrote this song and gave it to her. Heck! I wrote almost ALL of her songs! We were actually really good friends. I put the radio on full volume listening to Demi singing my words and singing along. "Pardon my defense is up, cause I don't wanna fall in love. If I ever did that I think I'd have a heart attackkkkkkk!" I sang the chorus as I pulled into my gates and into my driveway. I turned my car off and entered my extravagant house. I always thought it was WAY to much! Buy you have to keep an image up in this industry. I lived alone, if you count my two cats. Luna and Cato. Yes, I named my cat after the character Cato in the Hunger Games bite me. But I had only them. Only family I have left, well only family I'd let in my life. My cats immediately tried to run outside once I opened the door. They were always curious on what was outside but I've never let them out. I bend down and scratch them. Luna just ran away obviously pissed that I wouldn't let them out but Cato plopped himself right on the floor and let me pet him. He was always the affectionate cat while Luna was a bitch and usually let no one touch her. I checked to see if they still had food. They did. So I went upstairs to my bedroom and changed into something more comfortable. Sweatpants and loose tanktop. If I'm not out, I'm wearing these. I ran down to my living room and turned on the t.v. Keeping up with the Kardashians was on. I loved this show. It always made me feel like I didn't have such a fucked up family compared to them but then I remember oh wait..... mines worse. I laid my head back on the couch and watch the show laughing at some occasional parts until I felt myself fighting to keep my eyes open so I let them shut and sleep overcame me. °•° "Mate, I don't think you should do that.." "Why not? We'll get a good laugh out of it." "I warned you." The voices whispered a bit more until I felt a substance on my nose. I jolted up from my spot on the couch. Immediately feeling an ache in my neck from the position I slept in. I looked to see who the voices belonged to and reached my hand to my face, feeling the unknown thing that was placed there. Ed and Harry. Of course! I saw a yellow substance on my hand and stood up. Harry was laughing his ass off while Ed knew best not to. "What. The. Fuck." I said in ragged breaths. Why is he in my house!? I'm going to kill him. "Yellow is your color, Alice." Harry laughed, practically in tears from laughing hard. "Harry...I think you may wanna walk away." Ed warned. Harry saw the panic on his face but pushed it aside. "What is she going to do? Kick me in the nuts like the did Niall? Love, I've been through worse." Harry smirked at me while I stood their thinking of every possible way to hurt him. "Better take his advice before I hit five." I said pulling my hair in a tight messy bun. "Ooo..I'm so scared." He mocked, placing his hands in the air, one still holding the mustard, acting scared. "Five." I started. "Harry....I'm telling you.. run." Ed said taking his advice and running upstairs. "Four." "You can't scare me, Alice," he smirked. "Three." He aimed the mustard entrance towards me, he wouldn't dare. "Two." "Ill do it, Alice!" "One." As I leaped towards him he squirted the bottle on my tanktop. Without a pause I tackled him knocking the mustard to the side of his head. I laid on his back and pulled his hands in my grasp. He couldn't get free. "Who do you think your fucking with, Styles?" I asked with a smug grin on my face. Bitch messed with the wrong one. He kept silent trying to squirm under me but failed. "Now Harry, your going to pay." I grabbed the bottle in one swift movement and placed the top in the scalp of his hair. "You wouldn't ..?" He questioned. "That's where your wrong Harry. I totally would..." He gasped and squirmed some more. I leant towards his ear and whispered the rest of my sentence before spraying the yellow liquid in his hair. "And I totally am." He started squirming even more knocking me off balance but I still kept squirting the mustard in his hair. When the bottle empties I run my hand in his hair and mix the substance in his hair. He then throws me totally off balance and stands up quickly. "WHAT THE HELL!? I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING THIS BAD! IT WONT STOP SMELLING LIKE THIS SHIT FOR A WHILE." He yelled running in the kitchen turning on the sink to try and wash some out. "I told you your messing with the wrong one." I smirked following him. He mumbled a few more cuss words under his breath but kept washing his hair. "I told you Harry to run." Ed said. Finally joining us again after our battle. "Looks like you got beat up by some bad hair dye mate." He laughed. "Oh you think I'm done with you Ed? Just because you didn't do it doesn't mean I won't get you back." I added to him. "I'm sure you will, but you need to take a shower and change. You smell like that wretched condiment. " I laughed at him and pulled my tanktop over my head. "Woahh!!! What are you doing?" Harry asked me, his hair dripping of water. You could still see a lot of mustard in his hair. "I'm taking my shirt off that you ruined and throwing it away." I said placing the tanktop in the garbage. "Get use to it. She always ends up with her clothes of when I'm here." Ed winked. Cheeky shit. I always took my clothes off around him, it was just more comfortable. Were really close so it doesn't matter. "I'm not saying I don't like it ....its just, Damn Ed! I don't know how you couldn't of had sex with her yet! She's so fit! And she seems like lots of fun." Harry whispers to Ed also pulling his shirt off over his head. I saw tattoos covering his arms and some on his chest. He doesn't seem like the one to have tattoos. I bit my lip admiring his sculpted body. Damn, he was hot. Alice! Stop being a whore. Now's not the time. I tear my burning gaze away from his body and see him watching me, a full blown grins appears on his face. Shit, he caught me staring. I turned my gaze to Eds eyes and spoke. "I can hear you." I stated. "So?" Harry said in a duh tone still smiling at me. "So I wouldn't have sex with you anyway. Your too...." I let my sentence trail thinking of the right insult. "So what? To amazing for you? Couldn't handle this?" He laughed mocking me. Gesturing towards his body. He was hot... but not my type. "No, not at all. I was looking for a nicer word then gay but you want to be a prick so yeah. Your too gay for me sorry." I gave him a sickly sweet smile and started walking upstairs to take a shower. "Ooooooo! She got you mate!" Ed laughed in Harry's face. He yelled after me, " If you let me show you. Ill show you that I'm far from gay when your screaming my name while I fuck your brains out!" He said trying to get a reaction. I laughed and turned around to see an angered expression on his face," Sorry again Harry. But I enjoy my dicks pretty large. You probably don't fit that requirement." I gave another menacing laugh and stepped in my bathroom. I heard him yelling at my response to him and opened the door again. "Oh and if you both are still here when I'm done. Ill make sure all my condiments are not only on your head of hair." I laughed again and engulfed myself in the warm water. ••Harrys POV°° Once I've calmed down from my argument I exchanged a few goodbyes with Ed and went to my car to drive home. My minds drifting to Alice. What was with her! She's so cruel! Does she have any sense to censor her mouth? I think she's just a messed up minded girl. But why am I finding it so hot? I've always had girls throw their vaginas at me. But she....she was different. She had me tripping over my words, hopefully she didn't notice. She had me caught on her every word. Her laugh was beautiful! When she took of her shirt leaving her in a black and simple lace bra I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She had a belly button piercing which I found also very sexy about her. Her confidence makes me want to just slam her against a wall and make her scream my name. But she got under my skin so much. She puts mustard in my hair and I still find myself wanting to be back in her presence. But she wasn't going to give in easily. I can tell. She knows that im physically attracted to her but teases me. She wants to play a game. Well then lets play. I know she wants me as much as I want her. Let the games Begin.
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