Paper Airplane.

"Why would you waste your time with a girl. ike me? I am not good and I never will be." I said pushing myself off his chest.
"That's why I'm here. All you see is the darkness. I'm here to show you the l ight." He said, in a low raspy voice. He grabbed my arm pulling me back down on top of his chest. "People say paper airplanes can't fly, but we'll prove them wrong."
Alice Haven. The girl that had every guy on their knees and every girl wanting to be her. Every girl except for herself.
Alice is a songwriter. She puts her heart and soul out in every song she writes. Nobody knew the truth behind the lyrics she wrote. They thought it was just well done writing.

Until a few boy sees through her rebel look. She thinks she's broken, unfixable.
Is she right?


5. Chapter 2

°°••°° Heyy!!! So I'm the type of person that feels like I have to write an authors note for the beginning and end of a chapter ...sorry if that annoys...anywayyyssss! Thanks so much for taking time to read this! So without further ado! Chapter of Paper Airplane! °°••°° So today I'm meeting up with SYCO Records. Yeah, I know that I should be nervous because of Simon Cowell. But really he doesn't intimidate me. I'm just going to do my job and be gone. That's what I always do. "Hello, May I help you?" A high pitched women's voice asked me. I turned to see the face the voice belonged too. "I'm Alice Haven. I have an appointment with Simon." I said in a bored tone. Examining the women. She has makeup just caked on her face and barely any clothes on. Is a secretary really supposed to be wearing that? As I was judging her, she was clearly judging me. I was wearing a white blouse with black skinny jeans that had rips coming up the side with white supras....yeah people say supras are for guys. But I love them! I had just light makeup on. Mascara and lip gloss, that's all that anyone really needs. Telling by her face I could tell that she didn't like my outfit choice. She finally stopped staring me down and did a quick nod and called Simon. "Mr. Cowell. I have a Alice Haven up front. She says she has an appointment with you." "Send her up. What's taking you so long?!" I heard Simon's voice yell at the secretary. Then he hangs up. She gives an aggravated sigh and stands up signaling me to follow her. We walk towards the elevator. "Floor sixteenth, last room on the left. You should find him there." She said opening the elevator and leaving me there. It was clear that she didn't like me already. I took the elevator up to the sixteenth and walked up to the door that I was told to go to. I walk in without bothering to knock. I looked around the room. It was like any other meeting room. Big table, chairs all around with people in them. Everyone stares at me like I killed someone when I walk in. What the hell are all these people doing here? "Alice! So glad that you could be here. Please take a seat. Want a drink? We have water, te—" I cut off Simon. Yes everyone I just cut off THE Simon Cowell. "No. I'm here to just discuss business. Not to have a tea party. Now why are all these people here? I thought it was a meeting between us?" I asked finally catching sight of Simon. He was at the head of the table. He looked pissed that I cut him off like that. But he didn't say anything cause he knew he needed me. "It was. But the management of the band that your writing for wanted to witness our meeting too." He said turning his head towards some papers on the table. I took a seat directly across from Simon. I stared down everyone at the table. They all looked like they had sticks up their asses. I waited for Simon to start but instead the man on his right started, "Alice, please don't disrespect us. Were the ones hiring YOU. So if you were smart you'd just listen." The man said smiling at me. Who the hell was he? Did he know who I was? Obviously not cause the next thing that happened was Simon carrying the shirt soaked man out the room after I grabbed a water bottle that was placed in front of him and dumping it down his shirt. I would've punched him but he's already dragged out. Security came and grabbed the man out of Simon's hand, all we heard was the man yelling cuss words at me. I stood up and started to walk out. I didn't need this shit. "Wait! Alice, please we need you! I'm sorry for my coworker. I just think he was intimidated by you. Please just help us, we'll pay you double." A man that was sitting right next to the douche I poured water on said to me walking towards me. I considered his proposal. It sounded like they needed me but hey! Double the pay, that made everything alright! "Okay, fine. But I'm talking first." I said to the man. I looked towards Simon and saw a smug grin on his face. He must of enjoyed the scene. "I'm writing an album for who? What kind of music? What tone of music? Upbeat, slow..? I need to know. Don't rush me, don't pester me. Ill have it done. " I said running out of breath. I stared at everyone and continued talking, " When I'm done I expect the pay right away, no ifs, ands, or buts." I finished. Everyone was taken aback by my bluntness. Yup, they didn't know who I was. Simon took the initiative to speak since everyone else didn't, " That's fine, Alice. You will have your pay." He reassured me and continued, " You'll be writing for a band. We need pop music, make some slow songs but mostly upbeat. Your going to have to talk to the band about what they want to sing about, they insisted that." He finished. Giving me a stare. I nodded, motioning him to pass me the contract. I read through it seeing the same stuff in every contract. You must not let out any information about your interactions with the artist blah blah blah. I signed the paper and stood up. "Nice making business with you. I'm leaving now." I pulled open the door and started to leave but a voice stopped me. "Wait, Alice. Don't you want to know the band you'll be writing for? " One of the management people asked. Oops, how could I forget that. "Sure, who is it?" I asked. I could really careless but might as well know who I'm working with. But the answer that slipped his mouth made me want to rip that contract to shreds. "One direction." °°••°° So that's chapter 2! I think we can all expect her reaction haha! Please spread the word about this fanfic! Vote, comment, fan, Favorite! Do whatever!!!! .....and can I get your opinion on something ....? I know this book only has 2 chapters but can I have your opinions on it..? Leave what you think I can improve or what you like about it :).....Sooo uhhh that's it.. oh wait! #RIPCoryMonteith "" Earth lost a beautiful soul, but the heavens gained one."" My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fiance Lea. They were going to get married in 2 weeks :( #StayStrongGleeks. ........So yeah bye now. °°••°°
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