Paper Airplane.

"Why would you waste your time with a girl. ike me? I am not good and I never will be." I said pushing myself off his chest.
"That's why I'm here. All you see is the darkness. I'm here to show you the l ight." He said, in a low raspy voice. He grabbed my arm pulling me back down on top of his chest. "People say paper airplanes can't fly, but we'll prove them wrong."
Alice Haven. The girl that had every guy on their knees and every girl wanting to be her. Every girl except for herself.
Alice is a songwriter. She puts her heart and soul out in every song she writes. Nobody knew the truth behind the lyrics she wrote. They thought it was just well done writing.

Until a few boy sees through her rebel look. She thinks she's broken, unfixable.
Is she right?


3. Chapter 1

Dress? Check. Makeup? Check. Hair done? Check. Overall? I look wonderful! You may think I'm some conceited bitch but who doesn't want to look good? "Alice, ready love?" My best friend Ed asked. Yes, Ed Sheeran is my best friend. "Yeah, I'm done. Lets head to the car." I said giving one more glance at my mirror. I grabbed my purse and followed Ed out. Time to party! •°• "I would like to thanks everyone. Atlantic records, mum, dad, and everyone who's inspired my music. Its incredible to think that Lego House became number one in America. Thanks again." Ed practically yelled on stage. He stepped off stage and started walking towards me. "Oh my god. I'm so glad that's over." He let out a sigh. "Now we can drink!" I said grabbing his arm pushing him towards the bar. We were at Eds celebration party for Lego House hitting number one in the USA. "Can I have four shots of tequila? " I asked the bartender. " Alice, I'm not trying to get trashed tonight." Ed told me raising an eyebrow. "Ed hun! Three are for me! Ones for you." I said giving him a wink taking a shot. I handed Ed one, him doing the same as I did to my shot. "So, Alice. Any new songs lately?" Ed asked. "Hmm... actually I'm meeting up with SYCO next week. They want me to help write an album for one of their artist." I answered. "That's good! Who's the artist?" "I have no idea! I guess ill find out at the meeting." I told him grabbing the other two shots. I could feel the burn of the alcohol run down my throat. "Woah! Slow down their! Your gonna get drunk in no time if you keep chugging drinks like that." An unknown voice said. I turned around to see two males. Two boys that I see on every magazine. "Maybe I wanna get drunk. Ever thought of that Blondie?" I question the blonde. I think his name was Neil, I don't know. "Blondie has a name it's Niall," oh oops, the other man continued, "and my names Harry. You must be Alice Haven. Famous song writer." Harry said pulling a hand out for me to shake. I scoffed and turned towards the bartender, "I'm gonna need two more shots of that tequila." The bartender laughed fixing my drinks. "Sassy ..." Niall mumbled under his breath. "Haha! Alice stop being mean. These boys are my friends. Niall, Harry please excuse Alice. She's....special .." "Hey! It's not my fault that's they walked up here acting like their Jesus or some shit!" "Love, we just came to say hi." Harry said, " and don't worry Ed. She's forgiven. " "Yeah, Ed. Its alright. It seems as though I found someone who can drink as much as me." Niall said, walking towards the bar, " A beer please?" "Who said I would drink with you?" I challenged Niall. "I did." Niall said taking one of my shots making it disappear down his throat it two seconds. "Niall, that was a bad idea." Ed told him, giving him a look telling him to step back. I stared at Niall seeing a stupid ass grin on his face. I started using the breathing patterns my counselor told to use when I got mad , they weren't going to work this time. I blew up. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!," I yelled the grin quickly leaving his face," Just because your some popstar doesn't mean you can take my shit!" "Woah, I didn—" I cut him off by kneeing him where most guys wish they would never get hit and walked away. "Alice! Why'd you do that!? " Ed asked catching up with my fast pace. "Irish git shouldn't of took my shot." "It was just a shot, you could of got another one. " Ed said glancing back at the scene I just left. Niall was on the floor practically crying while Harry was trying to help him up but failing cause he was laughing. That's when I remembered. I walked back towards my spot at the bar, looking at Harry and seeing him cover his privates with his hand. I laughed and pulled out a fifty and placed it on the counter. Grabbing the last shot on the counter. I bend over to look at Niall. "Next time Blondie," looking up at Harry to see if he was going to correct me. When he didn't I continued, " next time don't take my drink." I took the shot right in front of his face and stood up walking away but not before hearing Harry saying to Ed," Wow. What a girl! " I got my phone out of my purse calling a cab to go home. Now I'm just waiting for the cab. Stupid boybands, thinking I should kiss the ground they walk on. Pshh, these boys obviously don't know anything about me except that I write songs. Hopefully this is the last time I see those two boys or any of their other mates I havent even met yet. But why did I have a feeling that this wasn't the last time I'd be seeing them? Oh yeah that's right! The world fucking hates me.
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