Simply Encredible

In a time where technology was widely believed to be a type of witchcraft, in an age where Ronisgald stood in fear of invasion from the mysterious elves of Ircandesta, the strange beast-men of Longshore, and the enigmatic inhabitants of Rimstak, a lone heroine with a tragic past rose from obscurity to restore Truth and Justice to a country in desperate need.

Wielding the tools of her trade, she fought the corruption of the church, stood fast against those who would harm the innocent, and defiantly faced the darkest of forces to protect those lucky enough to be her friends.

This is the tale of Excelsia Encredible.


1. Preface - Another Time, Same Place

Up until now, my work with the Elsewhere Incorporate has dealt with Vinta and Earth during a time when both worlds have reached a reasonably high level of technological and magical development.  Post-Devastation Gineros technology marked the beginning of Earth's Magi-Tek revolution, and Vinta was already at the point where space exploration was finally possible when Sir Mikaen of the Knights of the Star dropped out of the sky.  Space ships and dragons, UBTs and sorcery ... these things are all quite common and widespread, and while there are some who mutter at what developments of which they do not approve, for the most part, the universe (or at least the parts of it frequented by myself and my fellow Dreamers) is at a civilized and peaceful state.

It wasn't always so, however.  Earth's history is filled with violence and bloodshed for even the most paltry of reasons, and although the present-day (relative term, I know) Vinta may seem a paradise, it too suffered through its own dark ages.  Magic and technology both were heavily discriminated against, and without bastions of justice such as the Eternian Star or the Elsewhere League, mages and techs were often hunted down by those who simply did not understand.

It is this time that the story I now pen takes place, just a scant three centuries after the Corruption and the Fall of the Glyche, and millenia before Sir Mikaen would wake up in a strange clearing within the Prylliat Woods with a certain green-and-grey striped Dreamer peering at him.  This is a story of one of the people whose actions brought about an end to Vinta's Dark ages, with her courage, ingenuity, and a staff capable of stunning the thickest of skins.  An adventurer bold and true, this woman stands as one of Vinta’s greatest heroes and is widely considered the patroness of adventurers.  This is the tale of Excelsia the Encredible.

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