Change. -Ziall Fanfic-

Niall is the most wanted person in Ireland, always getting high off of drugs and never paying the dealer back. Zayn is the most famous killer in London, nothing ever gets away from him alive. Zayn is then ordered to kill Niall and make it seem like an accident but what happens when Zayn falls in love with the person who he’s suppose to kill?


2. Two.



Zayn sat in his living room going over the pages about the boy he was suppose to kill. The only information he got out of it was that the boy, Niall, was ordered to be killed because 1) he couldn't stop buying drugs and leaving the person without any money, 2) he has nearly every drug dealer on his trail trying to get him and the money back 3) rumor has it he's leaving to go to American to get away from everyone. 

Zayn took the lighted cigarette away from his lips, and placed it in the ash try on the window still. He didn't need the hotel manger to come up and rant about the 'No Smoking' rule once again. The last time he came up, it nearly took him two hours to get him out of his room. Plus the manger was rather nosy, always going about 'It's for the gust safety' when really he just wants some gossip. If he finds out Zayn a killer, then his entire job could be on the line.

Instead of waiting for the cigarette to dim down, Zayn flick it over into the neighbors yard. Luckily, nobody saw him.  He chuckled and walk back to his bed to grab the picture of Niall. After all the times Zayn had tracked someone and kill them, he learned a very important rule.

Never forget the face.

People could easily change their appearance from something light to something dark within minutes. One of the healthy reminders told him that Niall loved changing how he looked. It was the main reason no one could catch him. 

Zyan looked at the picture in his hands and couldn't understand how the boy in this picture - was the number one person to be killed. By the way he smiled, he didn't look like he was on drugs one bit - actually, he looked like a person who HATED the fact of using drugs but that goes to show that a smile could hide things. 


It was dark outside, and by just his luck, it had begun to rain. Niall sat outside the little coffee shop downtown and heaved a sigh. This day had been the worst for him. He had lost his job, due to the fact of him waking up late, got kick out of his house because of rent, and had lost his car because he parked it in a 'No Parking' spot. 

Niall gave out a groan and stood up. He needed to find a way home - and fast. The rain was now picking up making it rain heavier. He could tell by how dark the clouds were, that it would be raining all night. He dug inside his pocket and pulled out a dollar.  Looking around, he spotted a nearby red telephone box and jogged to it. He knew he was taking a risk with this but he needed somewhere to go - and only one person crossed his mind. The phone ringed inside his hands and Niall couldn't help but count. 

1, 2,3..... 

"Hello?" A voice answered. "Who is this?" 

"It's Niall." 

"Niall? As in Niall Horan?"

"Yes. I'll explain later. Can you just please do me a favor and pick me up? I'm down the road from the little coffee shop you use to work in." 


Please don't hang up. Please. 

"Be there in five."

A/N: Sorry it's so short, mom's making me get out the house .-. And who's this person huh? Is it Harry? Is it Liam? Louis? :OOO Or.... Is it someone else? 

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