Change. -Ziall Fanfic-

Niall is the most wanted person in Ireland, always getting high off of drugs and never paying the dealer back. Zayn is the most famous killer in London, nothing ever gets away from him alive. Zayn is then ordered to kill Niall and make it seem like an accident but what happens when Zayn falls in love with the person who he’s suppose to kill?


6. Six.


"Do you think he'll be able to kill him?"

"I'm almost positive he will." 

"I wouldn't be so sure of that Carson." 

"What the hell are you taking about? I trust him with my own life."

  "You shouldn't say that. Especially not here." 
"Like you know anything. Listen, he'll be able to kill him easily. I mean, this is the Zayn Malik were talking about here. If anyone could kill without getting blood on his hands - it's him." 

"You seem postive about him... Sadly for you, I've had it with Mr. Horan. If that boy of yours doesn't bring him back before next month their both dead." 



  "I told you about five times already I'm fine." Zayn chuckled walking around in his hotel room. He had just arrived in Ireland around 6 in the morning last Thursday and had been all over the city in a matter of minutes. When his flight had touched the ground, he was ordered to go buy something that could easily mask up his appearance. Of course, he objected to the idea saying that he would rather be walking the streets as himself instead of a random character from his imagination. 

But he remembered that he could no longer due that thanks to being a well known killer. 

When he had read Carson's information about Niall he soon learned why he had to cover up. 

Nearly on every poll post was a wanted murder poster for Niall. Dead or Alive. If the people were to see that Zayn was in Ireland, they would know something was up. He never left his home town unless he had to travel for his kills and most people knew that. It would almost be obvious if Zayn was in the country that Niall lived in.

Carson may be an ass sometimes, but he wasn't a fool. 

"Oh shut up. It's not my fault I'm asking so many questions. The last time I heard from you was almost two weeks ago and I felt the need to check on you."  Zayn muffled a laugh and smiled. "You must have been pretty worried to have call me yourself then."

He could almost picture them rolling their eyes at him. "Oh no Zayn. I wasn't worried at all. I just wanted to call you and put myself in danger for the hell of it!" 

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. No need to get worked up yea?" He sat on the couch and switched the phone in his hands hearing them sigh. "I should be the one saying sorry, not you.  It's just.... I'm scared that one day you'll get involved with an assignment and not come back to me.. Or maybe die on me and I won't have anyway to contact you because of those stupid damn rules that-" 

"Whoa. Whoa.  Whoa. Listen to me. I'm not going anywhere. I didn't then and I'm not going to start now. I understand that the work I do does have a high risk of getting me killed... and the rules make it almost impossible to actually keep in contact with you. But thanks to that your still alive and breathing. Just... don't worry about anything alright? I'll be done with this and come back home before you even know it. Healthy  and alive. I promise." 

"Do you think she'll like pink?" 

"Nah, she seems more like a green type of person."

"You did  not just say that?"

"What?! It's true!!" 

"Oh sure it is. Just like I'm a purple person."

"No, that's a lie. You rather dress in all black and red if you could." 

"Whatever you say Niall." 

Niall laughed and picked up the pink dress from the hangers, putting it in the shopping cart. "I still think she'll be a green person." 

"Well, she's my friend and I disagree with you." 

"I''ve known her longer." 

"Kiss my ass Horan."

"Gladly will." 

They rolled their eyes at Niall comment and walked ahead looking at the items on the shelf's. "You know, your really lucky that they still have no idea what you look like."

"I know. But seriously, how could you hunt someone down without having a picture?" 

The reason to why Niall was never caught was because no one had the right picture of him. Some said he had red hair and brown eyes. Or blue eyes and black hair. It was a different story every time he looked in the news paper and saw his name written at the top  with no picture. "Hopefully they'll never have one of you." 

Niall sighed and pulled  her into a hug. "Don't worry. They've been chasing me for nearly 6 years now without a picture. Why the hell would they suddenly get one now?" 

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