Change. -Ziall Fanfic-

Niall is the most wanted person in Ireland, always getting high off of drugs and never paying the dealer back. Zayn is the most famous killer in London, nothing ever gets away from him alive. Zayn is then ordered to kill Niall and make it seem like an accident but what happens when Zayn falls in love with the person who he’s suppose to kill?


7. Seven.


  Niall smiled sadly as he watched the sunset arise from the horizon casting a dreamy glow, his thoughts clouding his mind. Currently right now, Niall was staying with one of his old high school friends thanks to being on the run since a warning note had appeared in his mail one Saturday after noon. Of course,being as young as he was, he ran for his life not realizing the outcome that would happen to everyone.

His parents were in jail thanks to him. His older brother had to change his name just so he could get a job and support his new family. His old friends had been questioned, forced to move, and some were even arrested. Niall had never wanted anyone to end up hurt for his choice of actions - but he couldn't help but feel guilty due to everything that had happened over the years. 

But he could only move forward and rethink about his life.

One Monday morning, Niall had woken with a great idea. At first it was such a crazy idea that one thought he was completely out of his mind - but how his eyes shined with hope made people reconsider their thoughts. And some would admit, it was a crazy idea, but it was a possible one.

Niall was planning to move to America and create a new life for himself. 

A new name.

A new look.

A new life.

A new everything.

The only reason he had pick America was because it would be easier to blend with people who didn't know what he had done in his past. He didn't bother trying to change his accent. The thickness of it would cause any other voice to sound strange and uncommon. So he simply just told himself to tell people the truth from where he had come from and not go into depth with it. 

Niall had already gathered the money for the plane ticket and extra for a house and clothes when  he was in England selling drugs to unknown people. 

Needless to say, Niall was set to leave whenever he wanted.

But something was stopping him for doing so.  He just didn't know  what.


"Why is that boy alone? Where his mother? His father.?"


"Hey! Watch where your lookin at kid! And shouldn't you be home anyway? It's nearly one in the morning." 


"Zayn! Zayn, where are you?! Come home please!" 


"How is my fault that he left us?! You should have known that this would happen once I told him!" 


"Mom? Mom I'm sorry for leaving... Please forgive me." 



"Zayn! Zayn come here!" A voice called out.

"Zayn? Zayn! ZAYN!" Another one.

"Move! Move away from the street!" Zayn called out seeing the car coming...

But it was too late. 


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