Change. -Ziall Fanfic-

Niall is the most wanted person in Ireland, always getting high off of drugs and never paying the dealer back. Zayn is the most famous killer in London, nothing ever gets away from him alive. Zayn is then ordered to kill Niall and make it seem like an accident but what happens when Zayn falls in love with the person who he’s suppose to kill?


1. One.


  "So, what your telling me is that you want me to kill him because he didn't pay some boys back?" a voice asked looking at the pictures in his hand. "Yes. I'm amusing this wouldn't be hard for you, now would it?"  another voice said. The two pair sat in the coffee shop, going over what seemed like a business deal but underneath was much more than that. "What's in it for me then?" the boy said leaning back into his chair. The older man felt his lips quiver in disgust. His boss was not lying when he said it would be hard to convince Zayn Malik, the most youngest undercover killer in London, to work with them. 

"Mr. Malik. The job that I'm asking you to take is not one simple task. I understand that you are the best in London, but you have to make sure this seems like an accident. One that was not caused by you." The older man said. "That doesn't answer my question," Zayn spat. He was getting sick of this man by the minute. "In order for me to kill him, I have to get something out of it. You should already know that by now mate."  

"Oh, my mistake then." Zayn watched the man pull out an envelope that was hidden beneath his blazer and place in it the center of the table. Instead of quickly reaching for it, Zayn eyed it with cautious. He knew that one sudden movement could coast him his life - and at the moment, he didn't need to be dead. 

"What's in it?" He asked. "Open it." the man said smiling. Zayn felt his curious side take over him, and soon saw his hand reach out and grabbed the little folder and looked inside. When the man started to chuckle, Zayn knew automatically that he saw the shock flash threw his eyes. "I know the current situation you are in Mr. Malik, so I asked some of my best friends to pull some strings and get you those plane tickets. All I'm asking you to do is kill this man, make it seem like an accident - him falling off a bridge, overdose to much alcohol - whatever you think is best; and those tickets, along with the money, is all yours. Plus I can even get rid of your records and make it seem like you've never harmed a fly. You could have a peaceful life. Isn't that what you always wanted Zayn?"
Zayn could feel his heart racing. How did this man know? How did he know?

"Alright. I'll do it." 


  "Mom?" Zayn said walking into the hospital room.  Zayn smiled hearing the familiar beeps of the machine next to his mother's bedside welcoming him into the room instead of his mother's voice. He walked over to his mom and place a kiss on her forehead, before siting in the chair set out from him. When Zayn was at least 15 years old, his mother was diagnose with Arrhythmia - a heart disease due to your heart having irregular heart beeps. The doctors had told him it was a miracle that she survive all her life with it since she had it at birth, but that's why she had to stay in the hospital. The effects it bought to her was almost life taking - which wasn't a risk Zayn was going to let happen.  

Due to  Zayn growing up in a poor life style, he was to either give up his heart for his mom or find another way for money. His mother refused to let Zayn give up his life for her, so he had to find another way for money. At his age, most kids would be in the bed resting for school the next day but not him - No. He would must likely be at his 3rd job working, studying for his exams,  and applying to another job application. 

When Zayn turned 17, he started to get involved with bar fights and soon found himself fighting for money. The pay was good, 100 each fight,and he actually started to make a name for himself. When you walking down the street you would often hear his name pop out of someone's mouth. 

'Did you hear about that Zayn kid? He nearly beat a 46 year old man cold!'

'I heard he's going to become a pro wrestler. Wouldn't surprise me if  I heard some guy signed him up on the spot.'

Months later, people were going to Zayn asking him to fight for money. It wasn't until Carson actually made him into who he was today. 

'Who are you and what do you want with me?" A frighten Zayn asked. "Relax kid. My name's Carson and I heard you fight good, yeah?" 
"What about it?" Zayn asked looking around seeing if he would have a chance of running. "How would you like to make a deal with me? It'll be worth it kid. Trust me." 

At first, hearing Carson telling him who to kill almost made him weak in the knees but he had to do it. He had to do this for his mother despite her not wanting him to.
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