Change. -Ziall Fanfic-

Niall is the most wanted person in Ireland, always getting high off of drugs and never paying the dealer back. Zayn is the most famous killer in London, nothing ever gets away from him alive. Zayn is then ordered to kill Niall and make it seem like an accident but what happens when Zayn falls in love with the person who he’s suppose to kill?


4. Four.

Four.        Zayn tap his finger onto the steering wheel of his car as he drove down Nicholson ave on a Sunday morning. He usually would be downtown, perhaps visiting his mother, or getting a drink at the local pub - but not today. Today he was heading to the airport  for a top secret mission.    A mission to kill someone.    About two weeks ago, an agent called him and asked him to kill of a guy name Niall Horan. Apparently, the guy been over dosing on drugs and never paid the dealers back. The dealers gave him almost a year to pay up, but of course, the kid just ran even father.    Zayn sighed as he took another drag of his cigarette. He had barely gotten any sleep last night thinking of ways to kill this Niall kid. Usually, he would trick the people into falling over a bridge, or sometimes he’ll even make it look like a drunk drive accident. But something told him that he should think carefully about his choices.    Seeing the airport make its way clear into his view, Zayn quickly pulled out his phone and looked around in his contacts. ‘C’mon. I know I saved you in here last night.’    Finally seeing the number he was looking for Zayn clicked dial and held the phone up to his ear. It didn’t even make it to the third ring when he heard, ‘Hello?’   “Oi. It’s Zayn.”   “Ah, Zayn. How are you?”    “I’m fine,” Zayn answered. “Thanks for asking.”   “Your welcome. Now I’m assuming this call is for personal reasons?”    “Yes. Reasons you should already know.”    Knowing the person for almost all his life, Zayn could easily tell they were smiling into the phone. “Don’t worry. I told you I would look after things while your gone, did I not?”   “I know. I know. But just-”   “No butts!” The other caller yelled. “I understand your worried Zayn but you have to remember the lifestyle you have know. You can’t just call me on your cell phone when your out to do  ‘you know what’.”   Zayn tried his hardest not to groan. He understood by now that by calling certain people, their life could be put on danger. He understood the danger it was killing people and making it look like an accident. But who could blame him? This life wasn’t for him. It was for his mother.    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just wanted to check on you before my phone goes off. Did I do something wrong?” The other caller sighed into the phone. “Not really considering you do have a reason.”    “A reason indeed. Now I have to go. Make sure-”   “To lock up every night, don’t let anyone in - especially people I don’t know, and to call you twice a day. We’ve been over this almost twenty times already Zayn.”    “I’m sorry! I just don’t like the fact your home alone...”   “Zayn. You know Ed not going to let anyone touch me! And no one is going to touch him either. He’s too strong. Now listen, I have to go. You’ve already reach your limit and I don’t want more problems for you. Be careful alright? I love you."      Click.         Zayn bit his lip and looked at the phone in his hands. Why did he think calling her would make him feel better? Of course he knew the consequences of calling her when people where also chasing Zayn, but he just had to double check before his plane made him loose signal on his phone.    It’s not his fault he cared to much.    Realizing that he most likely looked creepy siting there and looking into space, Zayn grabbed his messenger bag and got out the car. Before leaving though, he took his keys from his engine and slide them under the backseat of his car.    It was a trick he had learn from Ed.    Somehow, in every car, there was an open space for things to be easily hidden. How did Ed know this? Zayn had no idea. All he knew was that it came in handy when he needed someone to get his car.    Zayn pulled his bag over his shoulder and looked around him one more time. Sometimes he wished that he didn’t picked this job. Sometimes he wished his mother was healthy. Why couldn’t he just have a normal life like most boys his age? But no. He couldn’t because his life wasn’t like that. But he couldn’t help himself but think that maybe, just maybe, something would be life changing to him. He didn’t know what it was and he didn’t know if he wanted to find out just yet.     Thinking he was stupid, Zayn  slide his phone into his back pocket and begun to walk to his flight. 
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