Book of Poetry by me :D

So, I don't really write many long stories a lot, I write mostly poems, because... well they are easier and don't take as much time to read. Also they are very straight to point. Poetry has always come easily to me for some reason, and I love it. So here are some of my poems that I wrote myself... I hope you enjoy them


13. Why do we do this to each other?

You push and I pull

You yell and I scream

You get angry and I back down

You accuse and I sit back waiting for it to end

You hide the truth and I lie

You come back to me and I let you

You become quiet and I fidget because you know I hate the silence

You over-think and I try to distract you

You say you love me and I say it back

You say you never want to leave me, but I can feel you leaving
We fight

We yell

We sream

We love each other

We hold each other close

I trust you, but you don't trust me

You say "good night"

But what happens when I say

"Good bye"

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