Book of Poetry by me :D

So, I don't really write many long stories a lot, I write mostly poems, because... well they are easier and don't take as much time to read. Also they are very straight to point. Poetry has always come easily to me for some reason, and I love it. So here are some of my poems that I wrote myself... I hope you enjoy them


10. Untitled

She was called beautiful 

but when she looked

She saw nothing like they said 

She was told that she is strong

But no one took the time to be there when she cried

She wasn't happy

But she could always fake a simple smile

That smile did wonders for her

That smile  stopped the questions

But that smile could never erase those worried looks

All the "I'm fine's"  kept their questions at bay

All those smiles that she gave out couldn't stop the tears

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