Book of Poetry by me :D

So, I don't really write many long stories a lot, I write mostly poems, because... well they are easier and don't take as much time to read. Also they are very straight to point. Poetry has always come easily to me for some reason, and I love it. So here are some of my poems that I wrote myself... I hope you enjoy them


6. Mirror

((For this task we were told to pick an inanimate object and write out what that certain thing would see in a day, and then you were supposed to guess what that object was, but as you can see from my title I won't make you guess)) 


She gets up in the morning

And she looks into me

Finding all of her flaws once more

Even if people may tell her other wise, even if they say she has no flaws

But there is that one voice that always speaks louder then the rest

Could you believe they call her ugly? Even stupid?

So she practices her smile

Making her eyes warm and bright, too fool everyone

And it works everyday, it works

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