Book of Poetry by me :D

So, I don't really write many long stories a lot, I write mostly poems, because... well they are easier and don't take as much time to read. Also they are very straight to point. Poetry has always come easily to me for some reason, and I love it. So here are some of my poems that I wrote myself... I hope you enjoy them


8. Bullied

((A/N: I was adopted from Russia when I was little, and this is just a part of what happened. I am so happy for what I have been given and I thank god everyday, but this needs to be addressed. If not for me, but then for the other kids who, might have gotten bullied for being adopted. Keep your head up, don't worry what these people say you all are amazing & please stay strong))


I didn't even know them

But they still said it

They told me I was unwanted

That my parents never loved me


They screamed at me, calling me stupid

Saying I should go back home

Telling me I was a Russian spy sent to hurt the U.S.

and swearing that they would call someone to get me shipped back to Mother Russia


I couldn't take it

They didn't even know me

So I stopped to have some control

Food wasn't good anyway


But they kept going

Each and every day

I didn't even know them

but they still said it


Over and over again

Much like a broken record


And I remember 

I will always remember 

Even if neither of us knew anything about each other

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