Book of Poetry by me :D

So, I don't really write many long stories a lot, I write mostly poems, because... well they are easier and don't take as much time to read. Also they are very straight to point. Poetry has always come easily to me for some reason, and I love it. So here are some of my poems that I wrote myself... I hope you enjoy them


12. A moment of hopelessness

There you are sitting at your white desk

It has been pushed up against the wall

Your hand is writing

Crossing out


And re-phrasing

Why can't you put all that you want to say into this letter

How could you tell your parents something like this, what words would you use

How could you explain that their little girl wants to die?

How could you explain how much you were affected by the words they spat

How could you tell them that you don't feel beautiful anymore?

So you sit there now with the gun sitting next to you,

An empty bottle of pills next you, that way out wasn't working fast enough

But you pull yourself together enough to go into your little siblings room

As you walk in you see them sleeping peacefully, you place a light kiss on the top of their head

Leaving their room you hear their small voice saying your name before they fall back asleep

Then you start to cry

Right before you decide to say goodbye


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