Broken Promises

Casey is a girl always getting into some sort of trouble; she sleeps on the streets and gets into plenty of fights with anyone and everyone.
When one night as she is in a heated fight with a gang of guys she thinks that her time has come; but just when she thinks it’s all over the one and only Louis Tomlinson comes to her rescue.
Can he break past all the walls Casey has put up? Or is he just another typical boyband member?


3. The Fight

Chapter 3 - The Fight


He crumpled to the ground whispering the words “get her.”

The others eyes went as black as charcoal as they lunged for me, quickly I dodged them and they turned to me again. This time I wasn't as quick, watching 4 men at once is a bit of a task, so I sustained a punch in the gut, kick in the ribs and a blow to the head. My head was spinning and I couldn't see all that well so I swung my fist hoping it would do some damage to at one of them at least. My fist collided with one of their noses making an awful crunching sound. All I saw of him was a lot of blood, eyes as dark as anything and blood as red as cherries, for the first time in my life I felt an ounce of fear. Which disintegrated as I peered at the other two.

‘Two down, three to go.’ I thought.

I took out the boy with long hair with only one punch, something made me feel like he wanted to be out of this fight as soon as possible. Well that made me feel a little less guilty about taking him down.

My attention was averted enough time to take another blow to the head.

“Pay attention Princess or this could go bad for you.” One of the two left said while grabbing my wrist in a vice grip. I snatched it back and glared at him.

“A few punches have never stopped me before.” I growled at him through my teeth, I saw a flash of silver then an agonizing pain shot through my arm. Looking down I saw the raw flesh of my arm. The cold wind whipped through the alley way and making shivers run down my spine.

The last two walked towards me, I felt a shock when my back came in contact with the cold brick wall. I realized that my switch blade was just behind the guy that was standing in front of me. This was going to be risky... I ducked down and went between the guys legs and grabbed my switch blade turning around and pointing it at him before he even realized what was happening. They turned and once again tried to corner me, they were more than mad now. I stood my ground as they came closer and closer, my knee started bleeding from being grazed when I slid under the guy’s legs. Thinking was becoming next to impossible, my mind was a haze. My instincts took a hold of me and my right arm, which was holding the blade, extended and the blood encrusted knife gorged into the guy in front of me; he dropped to the ground as I ripped the blade from him.

With satisfaction written on my bloody and bruised face I turned to the last guy, the toughest one. His muscles were bigger than anything I’ve ever seen, he looked like he could crush a boulder just by pinching it. He grinned at me evilly then whispered under his breath, “I’m gonna enjoy this.”

I froze in fear, there was no way I could beat this guy. He kneed me in my already badly bruised stomach so hard that blood came up in my mouth. I curled over as he jabbed my back with the knife and ripped it out again. I screamed in agony, there was not a singular spot undamaged, I was sore all over.

‘This is it,’ I thought. ‘I’m done for.’

Just as he was about to send a giant kick into my head he went flying into the dumpster, I looked up and in shock and was met with those same bright blue eyes.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked as I stood up from my position, only to be shot with pain from everywhere and having to kneel back to the ground. He came over and kneeled in front of me placing a hand on my shoulder he answered, “I heard you scream and I don’t know I ran for it I guess and when I saw that guy was trying to hurt you I threw him off you.” He shrugged his shoulders like it was no biggie.

“Thanks but no thanks, I don’t need a hero.” I said while trying to get up again, I winced in agony as it hurt so much. A pair of hands restrained me and I lifted my head to look into those eyes again.

“I’m calling an ambulance.” He said while reaching into his pocket for his phone, I stopped him.

“No. I’m fine.” I croaked.

“You keep telling me that but I’m having a hard time believing it...”

“Too bad. Your gonna have to.”

He said something then but I didn't catch it, my world started to go blurry and hazy. The ringing in my ears got louder, he was speaking to me with concern painted on his face but I couldn't catch a word he said.

With one last glance at the bright blue eyes my world went black.

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